Gm_SupersizeDen WIP


::I have updated my map::

Alarm Clock/ Top of Entertainment Centre:

Video Game Shelf:


Coffee Table Area:

DVD/ CD Shelf:

Entertainment Centre As A Whole:

Cardboard Fortress Inside of Cabinet:

Later I will add all of what I have, if you cannot already see. Add me on STEAM if you want to BETA TEST this map. You must be 18+


I think its a nice idea and well executed so far- I would like to see this done. :buddy:

A playable chess board with pieces might be cool


But if you noticed, I also said I could do better…much better.

I was amazed with the size and the capacity of the map itself.

Not the way the map looked. Badly textured. My textures are very, very nice.

Pritty nice

Make the TV a 3D skybox :buddy:

And in the sky-room you pose stuff, and it shows on the TV.

AND the TV acts as a light source!

This. :v:

Well the Chess Board is one I will work on ;] Anything else?

With the walls, I’d recommend making a really high res wall texture and chopping it up (because source’s maximum texture size is 4096x4096).


But the textures for the game and stuff look epic.

That is one big TV


I’ve same in my bath room

Oh dear. My textures on the DVD’s and games are all scanned in via my scanner, so they were originally like 2048x2048 but I scaled them down to 512x512 that wAy not to make the file 128mb lol. I will post more pictures on my map soon, but I do need a Beta tester that is over 17 and will give me constructive criticism. Thank you for the feed back. So, any takers on the beta testing? I need a rregular tater for it. Thank you!!!

The TV is too wide.

Yeah I am fixing that lol. I was going to make it a projection screen…but in latter tests…it looked like shit lol.


Don’t bump, I’ll beta test if you need somebody, 18 years of age, liked around here (I think)

Let me know.

Added more pics, and thank you Sphinxa :]

Updated with mrs images :slight_smile: Sorry for the bum