Gm_supersizeroom is the latest release from FHMappers, it was 100% made by me and features a bedroom, with a hallway attached. But instead of normal size, everything is ALOT larger than usual, just like our previous map gm_geekroom, with a bigger scale. If you look at the 3rd pic down, you can see how big everything is compared to the person!

The map also has things such as

  • Walkways on the walls, and inside the walls
  • Ladders to differnet places
  • Working Drawers
  • Both PC Screen and TV are RCT screens
  • A “Underneath Floor” Area
  • Tonnes of Custom Textures

You will need EP2 to see some textures (inside walls, and the radiator) but its mostly custom textures :smiley:

Here are some pictures!

The Main Room

The Hallway

A picture to show how really big this map is

Theres a person next to the chair leg!

Main Room From Another View

Inside 1 of the walls

View From Behind the Clock

From the Bottom of the Stairs

Please put constructive critism!

And Heres a Server to go test it out!

Also Visit FHMappers Here for more Info on other maps! -
Thanks for reading :smiley:

Bugs found so far

  • Some nodraw textures underneath the floor (NO THEY ARENT LEAKS ><)

If you find any bugs, send a pic and ill add it to the list

Ingame name - [FH][A]Lifeless

Cool,you got my download

Nice. Downloaded.

EDIT : Download link should now work!

I saw. ;/

Yes sorry about that, pakrat messed up meaning the map turned into wireframe. Its all ok now though!

Edit: New Pictures Added

hahah yeah thats me against the chair :stuck_out_tongue: the map is awesome, the stairs act as a real great slide lawl, we had hours of fun just with the stair bannister :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty cool.
Who is this? Lifeless?

Sure is :smiley:


Awesome! :smiley: Thanks in advance :stuck_out_tongue:

I came hard.

I actually thought the first picture was real

It’s not, is it?

No its of my map :S lol, it doesnt look that realistic xD

Wow it’s pretty damn big

my life is now complete…

So did you scale up the room or scale down the player?

It looks very nice. Thanks for releasing this :love:

Well the whole map in general is several times bigger, so the physicall map has been made bigger in hammer :P, the player is still the same size as usual.

Thanks for the comments guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Wheres the download?

Right at the bottom of the post, was down just a min ago. But its back now :stuck_out_tongue:

And here it is again