**Edit: Release!

Sup ladies and germs. I haven’t had much mapping time since gm_upstatespeedway and had been itching to make an all-purpose vehicle testing map, but I feel like this is growing into something more.


Old OP pics:

Older OP pics:

WIP’s are the fog color, shadows, 3D skybox objects and certainly the dev blocks

It is full-grid and compiles cleanly, but lighting and shadows will have to suffer a bit due to the amount of propper’d (model) structures. There will not be a night version.

As the name goes, it takes place in late-90’s central Pennsylvania, but draws reference from surrounding areas as well. There won’t be any actual brands or companies referenced, but a few knock-offs and parodies for fun. The steel mill serves the purpose of building without the rest of the map being rendered via areaportal, but other than that nothing serves a real purpose and it’s pretty much a construct map set in a familiar environment, due to release later this year as a follow-up to gm_upstatespeedway.

I make no profit on content nor time spent but Lyokanthrope and I would be very thankful for small donations. I plan on moving to Unreal Engine but would be glad to continue making Garry’s Mod maps if there is an audience for them.

I can’t wait to see it finished.

I adore maps with roads that don’t entirely consist of 90 degree angles but I feel like it goes to waste with source’s clunky keyboard controlled vehicles.

i’m really liking the atmosphere of this map, good job

You know, it isn’t PA without 6 churches down the same street. Fix it now.

A suggestion

> Diagonal buildings

Did VVIS try to beat you with a desk lamp? Or are some buildings 100% propper’d?


This looks really cool so far! My only suggestion would be to change the layout of the post office. It looks really big and low and odd.

Also, what are players meant to do at the golf course? You getting someone to help you out with a golf minigame, cause that would be pretty cool.

Otherwise they would just end up kicking the golf ball around like some sort of fucked up version of soccer.

Looks like a roleplay map, really nice roads!! Love em

If I were playing it would be the location on which I’d set up my hobo city.

I like the cloudy depressing look. It really reminds me of the PA/NY border.

I don’t like the textures.
They look plastic.

But other than that, it’s quite good.

The post office is kinda funny looking, it’s actually loosely modeled after my local one. The big building in the back is a mailtruck garage, probably common for places that get heavy snowfall. The golf course serves no actual purpose, however minigolf can be played on gm_tower courtesy of gamedev’s golf maps.

Just a map boundary. Apparently PA didn’t have toll tags until 2000, but…meh.
e: Messed up where the yellow pylon went.

e2: updated the toll booth image. Old one can be found here. And I still forgot to fix the crosswalks on it.

PA Turnpike toll booths always have a small office building to one side AFAIK

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is it silly to suggest the ??? near the ball field could be a school? Map looks great btw

Yeah, that’s where the state trooper sits when you run through the toll without paying :v:

After the incident with some kid getting arrested years ago for mapping his school for CS:S, I’ve always been hesitant on referencing schools, or making any at all. A gymnasium or strip mall could also fit, or as Gale suggested, a church. Or two. Or six.

Do all of the buildings have fleshed-out interiors planned or are some just set pieces?

can’t wait to turn this into a race track, lol.

Also, Deer crossings. EVERYWHERE!


Set pieces. If I made them enterable, it’d have to be done with teleporters. I have no plans to do this prior to release.