Karbine thought we needed a map for tank battles. I’ve been meaning to make one for a very long time. Yeah…

Map includes
[li]Horrible map![/li][li]More bugs than you can find in Africa![/li][li]A fuckload of floating trees n shit![/li][/ul]
It is however a good map for raging tank battles. Go on and destroy some tanks.



Well that’s quite sexy.

Nice, downloading

Are those cows from CoD2?

Very nice, is Day Of Defeat: source required?

Nope. You should have everything you need.

Yay, buildings added. Did you fix the bush that you couldn’t walk/drive through?

Wait there’s a tank battle gamemode? Or am I overlooking it?

We defiantly need a CP or Payload map for this on Tf2.

COD2, is that you?!

you make tanks and battle them in sandbox mode

Those trees. :byodood:


:smiley: awesome! it sorta reminds me of the tank level on CoD World at War

It would seem I am missing the material for a single tree in the center of the village. Kinda ruins it a bit, it’s a good map; though a 3D skybox would have been a lovely addition.


Someone take a picture of it in-game. I think I know which tree it might be, but I’m not sure.

will do now


I got the orange box, css, and dods, so can’t be one of those

and I got a suggestion :v:

make a testing area under ground with suspension tests and traction tests ect so the map becomes more useful for building on and under ground so it doesn’t ruin the looks

Friendly word of advice. Cite credit for those trees, textures and detail models.

There’s been problems in the past with that. it’s pretty inconsiderate.

Looks like some of those trees are being eaten by the hills.