just the basic layout of the map, still tweaking HDR, Defiantly changing lighting and skybox, I’ve come to like most of the concrete textures,
still will be adding more architectural features and will be having an indoor area behind concrete mountain like thing.

The only thing I don’t like is that thing in the middle on the last picture.

Add 2 helipads, and a track.




Wow, nice design there. I’ll definitely be downloading this when it comes out.

Please, atleast turn on AA when you take the pictures. It’s eye-raping


Otherwise, nice map, i might even download it

Hope its soon out for download!

The map looks cool, but the theming is a tad over used, maybe make it slightly darker? Maybe even add rain.

to all the above, as I said, its the basic layout, I pretty much just chucked in a Light_environment so when i too the screenies they wouldn’t be fullbright, and ill make note fot he hele pads and the track, the top but will porbs be changed as well.

CYA guys im going on holidays to NZ soooo be back in a week!