Here’s a video to give you a better idea what this is.

Once upon a time i built a map called Interplanetery Funk and people seemed to like it. Apart from some, “I want to fly around the planet” people that couldn’t grasp the purpose of my map. The feeling of epic space. If you want to fly around planets go get one those really well made space build maps.

So i started working on a new map based on the same thing sort of. This is it. It has been sitting on my drive for an epic long time and i’m bored so here it is.

Displacements were generated with Terrain Generator and the textures are all my own.

When I get time I’ll release a few “Lite” versions of the map without the displacements for people that want different variations for building. (Full Land / Full Water / Half Land & Half water)
Any requests?

The Lite pack is almost finished but I’ve just started a full time job and I don’t have any free time until the beginning of December

Looks cool. Going to give it a shot

I’m not sure if the land is copied from worldwide or not, other than that though, it definitely a unique map.

Thanks, I thought somebody might bring that up but what can i say? the earth looks like the earth.

I used a really simple bump map and terrain generator for the displacements so technically I didn’t make the land.

I swear to god, if you have put The Netherlands in the water…