Yes… Its another construct map. But instead of trying to top the other ones, gm_zonstruct or gm_mobenix, I made a very simple map. I thought having a ton of areas with tons of highly detailed buildings that we hardly ever use would be pointless and would take away precious frames per second.

This map is not huge but its large enough to be able to fit any build inside of it. I often start up my single player server to build something on a huge map and have trouble deciding where too build. With gm_test_construct you have two choices, inside or out.

I do not mean to offend any of the people who make the larger maps. I love the way they look and it is an amazing feat to be able to do something like that.


  • Fully working Nodes
  • Cubemaped
  • 3d Skybox
  • Indoor and Outdoor area
  • High enough skybox


Please tell me what you think. I is kind of my first release for a gmod map. I only have one other but it is for CS:S.

The skybox looks bland, there’s something weird going on with the shadowing in the 3D skybox, and the outside area looks fullbright. Good start, but it’s not worth a download. Sorry.

This map is okay.
Atleast it isn’t fullbright, add in HDR, but don’t make it too bright or else it will burn your eyes.
There is alot more stuff you can add, like more detail, wider spaces and more additions to the 3D skybox.

Overall, it’s great for your second map.

I have a lot more planned. I just needed some input from people.

Ever heard of Gm_Construct. And it looks better than this.

Also the lighting is very boring. Use another skybox and lighting settings.

This is what I have planned.

Give me an idea for what to put in the blank area. I don’t know if its possible but maybe zero-grav for Spacebuild testing?

It’s certainly got fair(ish) lighting and aligned textures.

Thank you. Why can’t every one be nice like you?

Because we’re not blind.

Because we are being honest.

Doesn’t look to bad… Good place to mess around in or test out stuff…

Good start. My suggestion is to not seperate each section, make them all in one big block OR… make a huge garage and put the sections around it .

Could you atleast turn on antialiasing when taking a picture of your map? The lack of antialiasing makes your map look 10 times worse than it actually is.


You also need better lighting, improve your skills with lighting before making this map any bigger.

You could make the last area into a little suburb or something, like gm_richland or you can make it into a snowy area and make it look like it’s snowing and such. I dunno.

At least it’s not as bad than most stuff around here these days…