Alright! Going to start making a Tetris map mainly for looks and such. Got some WIP progress.

Got some more progress.

The first beta is out!

You can use dev textures to start mapping.


use [noparse][/noparse] tags to post images that you host to an image hosting site like imageshack or imgkk.

also, use [noparse][noparse][/noparse][/noparse] tags to post tags without having them turn into what they regularly would be…

You may want to specify if you want colour, black & white or black & green (old gameboy background colour).

Colored ones. But if you could get me the originals I would appreciate it.

I wasn’t going to get you any, but I was just helping out anyone who was going to help you.

take all your inspiration from my server run gameboy emulator of the original gameboy version and do it right!

black and white pallete cannot be changed to the black white and green in this emu but I can give you pics of the original palette if you want (the green is a fake palette originally made by the gameboy color btw, it just simulates the green screen of an original GB, I should know, the original game sits on my shelf with my gameboy next to it.

Definitely green. Might use B&W in some spots though.

Ok got some more work done on the starting area.

Things to do before Start is finished.
-Clean it up a bit more
-Change the lighting

Sorry for the triple post but I made a texture.

Thing is I can’t get it into Source SDK cause I’m not good with all the stuff they ask me to do. So can some one link to a tutorial?

Here you go:

Unrar and put both files into your material directory.

Alright time for a update. Got my textures working thanks to Cameleot. (May need to send some of the improved versions.) And I got the entire starting are textured.

Boom dada doom dada doom da dee dada doom

(thats the tetris theme being hummed by me)

And here’s that played by a man with an accordion

Shifting direction towards making this map a giant floating Tetris island thing is hard as hell. But I think I’m getting some where with a 3D skybox that has Tetris blocks flying around.[/media]
Note that there is brick texture for the skybox, it is temporary.
Got some pics of the new skybox. Tell me what you think.

Let me make those textures look better, hold on.

Alright I went ahead and tried the map in Gmod and for some reason the textures look a lot nicer.

Maybe it’s my video settings in ep2. Anyway I hope to have the first playable beta out by Wensday.

They look better because you run gmod in highest.