I’ve worked somewhat hard on this map, but forgetting nodraw. Although, people don’t seem to sense any significant difference of gameplay. The map took me 4 hours to complete and it was my first ever released map.

Some big details
PlayX fitting theater
Three lounges
Small shop
Double sided spawns, for awesomeness dude.


If you find any bugs, please let me know. You can add me on steam if so.

Known bugs:
3 props are movable by physgun in the bar area.
Wall in the bar area has a moving texture through it.
No nodraw yet D:

Looks okay, For a first map ever released

Pretty good for a first, thank god it is not fullbright.

Good work for a first map.

The way you talk about nodraw, sounds like you don’t know what it is used for or what it does. Faces that are completely blocked by another brush, or ones that face the void, are removed at compiling, so no nodraw is needed. It is only needed on faces that the player cannot see, but will be drawn.

Yeah, I’m fairly new to stuff like that. I’ve always thought nodraw would make the map FPS much better and optimize it tons, i haven’t nodrawn the outside of the map where it should be.

Still, it is better to make everything nodraw and apply textures to only the ones you can see, even though you do not need to.

nodraw is automatically applied to brushes that have faces touching, or faces of brushes that are deemed ‘outside’ the map’s borders.

If you think that applying nodraw on the outer shell of the map will do anything, it wont.

but that’s just what Iron Pheonix was trying to explain.

Not really. You could make everything dev textured (which is a much better option than nodraw for test purposes) If you really feel you need to make all faces that are non-visible to the player nodraw, then you can just use the replace option in the texture application.

It is easier to see a bright orange dev texture in game, than a strip of non texture.

I’m meaning nodraw everything you cannot see, not nodraw everything. I make it so that all the surfaces you can see have a dev texture while the ones you cannot see are nodraw. Like a hollowed box, where you are inside the box. The inside is textured while the outsides and non-visible surfaces are nodrawed. I find that to be easier to work with instead of all dev.

Doesn’t help. If you nodraw before you have finished testing, it is very hard to spot a nodrawed face that the player should be able to see.

For example, there are sections of bridge in fallout 3 which have not been capped. Although its not immediately obvious, when you do see it it looks wrong. If it was bright orange, you would see it immediately and be able to fix it, not miss it and have someone (like myself) complain about it after release.

Still, I find it more useful for me. Your way is obviously more helpful for you while mine is for me.