Yea, its small, but functional.


A very small map I’ve created. Its fully noded, including air nodes, so NPCs should act like they are supposed to, walk around, attack and such. A small wooden house surrounded by castle-like walls (don’t ask) and a moat. A drawbridge activated by a button and/or a lever allows access across the moat without swimming. There is a number of trees around, as well as another small house, only this one made of bricks, towards the spawns. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest. Not my best work, but still could be fun. Its not much to look at, but it can be pretty fun for small parties. I hope you like it. Enjoy.


Created by sUiCiDaLn00b (thats my Steam account name)

Doesn’t look too bad. Add some fog in the next version and maybe a 3d skybox.

I was thinking about a 3d skybox, I actually had one originally, to. But, for some reason, whenever i looked at the sky in-game, it spazzed out, creating a strange visual effect of the skybox duplicating and colors everywhere. So I got lazy and removed it instead of looking for a fix. And I never even thought of putting fog. Thanks for your suggestions.

That visual effect was caused by a leak, most likely in the 3d skybox area itself.

If i had a nickel every time i said that…