gm_thewall - Pink Floyd's The Wall stage show, coming soon to GMod!

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So you, thought you, might like to, go to the show? Pink Floyd’s legendary concert, film and stage show has entertained music fans for over thirty years, and now it arrives on Source for the first time, bigger and better than ever. Introducing…

The what?
Decades ago, Pink Floyd were the 1970’s most successful band, having released a multitude of albums worldwide. After the success of their 1974 hit The Dark Side of the Moon, group leader Roger Waters became disillusionned with the unruly crowds at the band’s stage shows, and imagined a wall seperating him and the audience. From this initial idea came The Wall. The double album was released in 1979 to immediate success, and later spawned a hit tour in 1980, an epic partially animated motion picture in 1982, an enormous mega-concert in Berlin in 1990, and Roger Waters’ current stage show today. This map is the latest adaptation of the “The Wall” concept.

Oh god not another Drsalvador
Ah-h-h, Drsalvador’s maps were ported HL2 leak maps with a few Pink Floyd references in them. This is the real deal, a near-perfect interpretation of the Floyd’s crowning masterpiece, the ultimate virtual treat for the Pink Floyd fan in you, whether you’re new to the band or a lifelong fanatic.

Well, what’s this new map got in it?
Set in an enormous stadium in the heart of Los Angeles, gm_thewall is the biggest virtual concert map in Garry’s Mod yet. Some of the many features in this map include…

  • The titular 30 foot wall, composed of 70 individual bricks, which can be spawned individually or all at once
  • Stage and backstage areas, boasting controls for all of the features mentioned
  • Setpieces lovingly recreated from the live performances including a fold-out hotel room, a flying helicopter and a crash-landing Stuka dive bomber
  • Hi-fidelity projected images on an enormous circular screen, ranging from the famous Marching Hammers logo to Gerald Scarfe’s famous animated characters
  • A wide variety of seating, from high up in the stands to down low, inches away from the action
  • An exhibit of Pink Floyd history and memorabilia in the lobby, including famous album covers, the artwork of Gerald Scarfe, and a memorial to Syd Barret

Let’s have a gander at it then!
OK, have some screenshots. (Keep in mind that these are still WIP, and are likely to change.)
The full gallery:[/t]

Any video footage?
Sure, have a trailer!

When’s the map gonna be finished?
No fixed date as of yet, but expect it to be within the next couple of months, maybe even weeks. If not that, then simply “when it’s done”.

What use does this map have elsewhere?
Well this is where the next part of the project comes in…
This is a special live stage show that is being held to promote the map. The first performance will be an invitation-only premiere, and will be recorded live. If the premiere is successful enough, further performances will be held open to the public.

So the first performance is invitation only?
Well, when we say “Invitation Only”, there is one extra space available. And that space is available to the winner of our special contest – Build a Better Wall!
You what?
We’ve just released a brick model for GMod. Fully compatible with this map, perfect dimensions, floaty physics. You can download it here - if that doesn’t work, use this fix here.

Now we’re giving you the chance to see our special premiere. What do you have to do? Simple. Build the most impressive wall you can imagine in any map compatible with GMod. Make it a castle fortification, a piece of wall-y artwork, someone’s face – anything, so long as it’s made with our special brick model. Then, take a screenshot of it and post it in this thread. The winner gets “tickets” to the premiere!
Deadline for the Build a Better Wall contest is midnight (GMT) on Sunday the 8th of April. No further entries will be accepted after this date.

Incredible! Where else can I find out some more info?
Right here!*
Our YouTube channel:
Email us:
Our Steam group:*

What about for the live show?
All information about that will go here, so watch this space, but exact dates/timings and venue are still to be confirmed.

Where can I download it?
Er, it isn’t out yet.
Don’t worry - when it is, I will post a link here.
Well, have fun when the map does come out, and good luck building your walls! Feel free to post questions in this thread about the map.
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Interesting… You prevented a lot of posts by mentioning DrSalvador.

Good progress so far, but a lot of work needs to still be done. Keep at it!

Oh god in before Salvador :v:

It’s a really nice map, captures a nice feel of Pink Floyd.

god damn

people already beaten me to the DrSalvador jokes

Oh he’ll be here, just wait

Bound to happen

Maybe he made the map, and asked OP to post it, because he didn’t want to show his face.

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Actually no this map is too good to be made by him

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And this map also isn’t from the WC mappack.

You know it’s his map when its brown. Hmm… maybe gears of war was made by salvy.

The wall behind the, uh, wall, looks a bit tile-y. I don’t know what it looks like IRL but I’d make it out of cinder blocks and hang some curtains in front of it or something.

This level of dedication is really cool to see, though.

I’m actually behind quite a few of the textures in this map, and am behind a lot of the visuals for the live event itself. I’ve done no actual mapping though.

Awesome work, very dedicated! I appreciate something like this, I’ll see you there


Pink Floyd is my all-time favorite band. I went to see Roger Waters in The Wall in May 2011. I’ll never forget it.
Glad to see a great PF tribute map. My own gm_highhopes is a piece of shit but this is amazing.

I love you.

I don’t know much about the band itself, but I love the music. This is going well, keep it up.

Nice. Looking forward to the show!

I must say, this IS pretty cool, I’ve been to Roger Waters live, and it looked alot like this.

should we have a section with the entries? or just post it below cause i waste time looking for entries.

there should be a time limit?
at least announced

looks very promising, I hope it works out

Did you read? The deadline is midnight (GMT) on Saturday the 24th of March.

No need to be rude about it.