After three years of mapping the craziest things, I am finally able to release my first map.

It’s the first level of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater: the Warehouse! It was made in a few hours, so it’s nothing special.[/media]


It’s available in the ToyBox under the Eyecandy section (even though it’s more like Eyecancer). It might be inaccurate in some place. That’s because all I used as reference material was this pic, this video and some memories.

Skaters gonna skate!

dat nostalgia

That’s awesome! Brings back so many memories…

This is odd I just stopped playing THPS1 when I logged onto FP :v:

Nostalgia’d hard. Also looks very nice. Best trailer I’ve seen for a map though, without a doubt.

time to use hoverboards

A trip down memory lane:smile:. I could put THPS1 in my game system any other day than TH: Ride.
Good map by the way. Great to see old maps redone for Gmod use.

You son of a bitch. Now I want to play the first Tony Hawk.

Hehe, using this with the skateboard in toybox. Man, was i was 4 when i first played this :smiley:

Brb, memories cry


I nostalgia’d.

That room floating or changing on those metal beams look bad

I have my THPS1 disk lying around near me. Ah, the memories.

For V2, you should add in the expanded area which was added in THUG i think it was.

fucking amazing. I was working on a remake of this level last year but vertex manipulation was too much for me and I couldn’t get the texturing right, but this one looks straight out of the game, albeit with better visuals.

Ahh, the days. The days where Tony Hawk games weren’t COMPLETE shit and I actually loved them alot.

Oh man I loved Tony Hawks Pro Skater! I even recognized the song.

Oh shit now I have to buy an n64 to relive this


Also 3 years before you released your first map?

if garrysmod worked without crashing I’d totally skate my ass off on this

We need a THPS addon that has all the minigames where you have a text file included in the map that says what the map has in it (score test, time limit, where the skate letters are, where gaps are, etc)

THIS MAP IS THE TRANING FROM TONY HAWKS UNDERGROUND 2 brings back memories and please add the extended bit on