gm_tmysql Not working.

As of the new update i cant currently get a working version of tmysql since the one i have no longer works.

Can anyone send me a link that is the Latest Version?

It’s unlikely an update to GMod would break TMysql, perhaps you can explain what the issue is?

well when gmod updated today well when i updated the server theres a tmysql error occuring its not on my part because the db works. and its the right info but for some reason perp does not seem to wrok correctly as it gives errors with tmysql not working correctly.

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Timer Error: [addons\pulsar effect\lua\plugins\ass_player_verification.lua:100] attempt to index global ‘tmysql’ (a nil value)

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could i please get a link to the latest tmysql.dll please?

I don’t see why it would suddenly stop working. Perhaps you deleted the module? Otherwise make sure you have the prerequisites like libmysql.dll and the MSVC 2008 SP1 runtime.

All the forks are hosted in one repository.

You probably want gm_tmysql3.

tmysql being a nil value means that you aren’t requiring it, because the table doesn’t exist.

I’ve updated to tmysql3 too and still get this error:

error loading module ‘tmysql’ from file ‘c:…/gm_tmysql.dll’:
The specified module could not be found.

The module is in the right location. Any advice?


You need the runtime.

Care to expand on that rather cryptic answer, please?

EDIT: Oh I see what you mean. Already got it.

Issue fixed. .dll was corrupt. Derp.

addons*pulsar effect*\lua\plugins\ass_player_verification