I have been posting some shitty maps on fps banana for a while now ( and thought that I might as well try and make a gmod map, So i desided to make a “small” dev city with a few things to keep all happy ( - the download size!)

Here is what it has:

@ A Nuke shelter.
@ 2 Building’s that you can enter (need to light up on your own)
@ Small room’s (4) under the map for building.
@ 3d Skybox.
@ an Fully sized runway With a heliport And heli pads on 2 of the buildings!

@ HDR (on night version)
There is a reason I did not put HDR on day and that is this map takes 12GHZ of computer power (over 3 computers) to render in 30 mins and someone crashed during the HDR day compile and f***ed the whole thing, so I did not bother!


—New pics—

Thank you!

Wow, Too lazy to do it yourself?

Also i’ts kinda blocky, Try working on that, And please don’t use dev textures there meant for something else.

No, I just wanted to see how my mates would light it up! (TNT was the winner)

Pretty decent, not worth a release, though.

One thing I have noticed is that none has typically played it yet…
Just give it a 3 mins’ fly through and then comment as the screen shots cant really explain alot.

The screenshots show everything. Blocky, badly textured, ugly. Not really worth releasing.

It doesn’t look much like a city when there are 10 random single-brush “Skyscrapers” in a grass field.


Added New pics of the lake and runway!

It’s really not going to suddenly make this map tons better. The only way to do that is to start over and do it right.

You should make the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

I have not changed anything, I have just put up new screen shots of the lake and runway that was in there anyway!

I believe that’s the point of his statement. You didn’t fix anything, you just took more pictures of it.

This map actually isn’t THAT bad. I mean, at least it’s not another house map, right?

Hey, gm_house is fucking epic, so don’t talk shit about houses D:

This is a city:

Notice how there are more than a dozen buildings, no random lake, no grass, and no runway.

Yes I know that but i am trying to make a “Build” map and just a city is not very handy to build in!
That is why i added a Lake, runway And a Park (thing…)

Decide what you are making. If you want a build map, don’t shove in a ton of “towers” that block building.