Hi, i’m presenting my shitty (hoho) map : gm_toilets

Dis is basicly some toilets, fully customisable, you can pick one of the 4 models of toilets, pick one of the 2 toilet paper dispenser and finally select one of the 3 fancy lights! Allowing you to pose your characters taking a shit a badass way!

Now be ready for the shit apocalypse!

Interesting idea. Obviously shouldn’t be rated as a build or rp map…but may be useful for those posers out there. Good use of props, lighting etc. It’s fixed some of the damage done by other mappers in the past few days.

HelP! NeeD ToiLet PaPer

This map is for posing purpose only. It’s really small.

great little map for posing

good job

Reminds me of Duke Nukem 3d lol

There shouldn’t be graffiti on the walls. Maybe have a button that turns a decal or overlay on and off- if you can do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure i can!