gm_tornadoalley - Inspired by tornadochase

The map has been released!

I currently have a mapping project going on right now, called “gm_tornadoalley”. It’s the sequel to the unreleased “gm_tornadochase”.

Here is a short video of what the map is going to turn out to be. It’s very short due to a lot of things still unbuilt.

Work on the tornado took about 5 hours just for the storm. The house took me about an hour.

The citadel alarm goes off 8 seconds before the tornado spawns. The tornado can spawn anywhere in the map, at any time. Unluckily for me, in the video, the tornado spawned right next to the house. I didn’t expect that.

The Trailer Park (Hammer)

This thread was started to collect ideas to make the map better.

The map already takes 1:30 minutes to compile… On fast. So lighting will be up to the players, adding one light boosts the compile time up by literally 15-30 seconds. There’s a light_environment, so don’t freak!

Use displacements on those tracks. Also make that funnel a bit taller if you can

It looks pretty good so far!

Though I know it’s night, I can barely see anything. Turn up the brightness just a tad.

Great I/O work!


Fuuuuuck you just gave me (bad) memories of me waiting for Monkeyjoebla’s map :saddowns:

Make it daytime.

Night can be great for dramatic lighting (which this doesn’t have/need), but daytime maps actually do better than nighttime ones.

dust2, 2fort, argentan, etc


Except that this map is actually going to be released, whether I finish it or not. If I give up, I will give out the VMF file.

Yeah, I wasn’t trying to go for night, I was trying to get everything to fit with the skybox to make it feel “stormy”. I’m building a drive-in theater right now, and I’ll play around with lighting and skyboxes to get a different feel.

I thought about the setting that Monkey used in his map, but for 1) I don’t want to copy his map, and 2) his tornado was better than mine, but it didn’t fit in with the skybox/lighting what-so-ever.

Tornadoes at day can completely block the sun. Even at noon, a large tornado can make it appear as though it is 8pm, which is a detail I like about this map.

If I were you I’d choose a greyer skybox, the blue doesn’t look right IMO

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Remember things like window frames, door frames etc.

It’s the small things that break up repetitiveness which make a massive difference.

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At first I read the title as “Tomato alley” and for a second I was mildly confused.
Can’t wait to see how this goes, good luck!

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I’m still laughing at the dumb ratings. No idea how this is dumb, but word up!

It’s dumb because it looks ugly :slight_smile:

haha true… I’m working on it. I’m making two versions, a HL2DM and HL2EP2. I can only do so much with the blend textures on the HL2DM map to make it look alright, but the Ep2 copy should be good.