gm_tornadohighway - Tornado Chasing in Garry's Mod



Liked tornado alley? The sequel, Tornado Highway, is to bring you even more excitment, better lighting, and a better storm chasing experience than Tornado Alley.

Tornado Highway is the 2nd of a 4 part map series.

  1. Tornado Alley - Evening time, medium size, small-medium detail
  2. Tornado Highway - Daytime, maximum size, moderate detail
  3. Tornado Valley - Daytime, small-medium size, high detail
  4. Tornado Nightfall - Nighttime, medium size, moderate detail


Drag and drop all files in the ZIP to the garrysmod/garrysmod/ directory. Overwrite if asked to do so.

The advertised server is a 24/7 sandbox storm chasing server. It’s not required to be on this server to download the map.

The administration room is inside the weather station door, straight back to the wall, and then down through the floor with noclip. The following buttons do the following things:
F1) Spawns an F1 tornado for 90 seconds. Displays a warning on screen, and sounds the siren.
F3) Spawns an F3 tornado for 90 seconds. Displays a warning on screen, and sounds the siren.
F5) Spawns an F5 tornado for 90 seconds. Displays a warning on screen, and sounds the siren.
PAUSE) Completely stops tornado spawning, locks the manual buttons, and locks the siren from being played.
GO) Same as the pause button, but reverse effect.

"Reliable Snapshot Overflow" - Wtf?
You should only get this message when joining multiplayer. Just keep trying to join and you’ll be fine.
If you’re getting this on the Storm Chasers server, just keep reconnecting and you will get in.

The link for the download is temporarily here, until is fixed.

The Tornado particles are created by The Vman, and only he can give permission to reuse those particles, not me.
NO ONE is authorized, except myself, to reuse, distribute, or edit the tornado particles.
EVERYONE is authorized to distribute the map. Decompiling the map is not authorized without permission.
If you would like to be on the tornado mapping team, contact me “Rory84” (Rhapid Fyre) on Steam.


I find this brutaly useful, gonna use thank you!

There’s a lack of ambiance… Kind of a shame. I’m pretty source there’s SOME Source game that has a rainy soundscape…or you could’ve made yourself one. Oh well.
Fun map from the little I’ve played so far…trying to rope some friends into joining my server.

I have to join the server soon after I finish my mid-term. My Steam name is Zero Bolt.

You packed the zip wrong. sounds should be sound.

Thanks for the warning, I will rename and reupload as soon as I get home.

[EDIT] - Fixed. New file link posted.

A quick video I made using the Tornado Alley map and my Storm Chasing unit.

I was on the server, and my Whatinator that I build last night got put in a tree.

Devinetly going to try this out tonight!

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My game keeps crashing when i try to join

Huh, didn’t know I was an admin. AND NOW I SHALL BE COOL ADMIN.

My Storm Chasing unit is ready to be downloaded. Download here:

Adding it to the server now

did you ever add it? i’m not getting any feedback from trying to spawn the vehicles.

EDIT: answered ingame, nevermind

Not yet, gonna add it tonight. Major upload time, kills my internet. It will be on tomorrow.

Slight problem, when I spawn some of your vehicles a prop shows up as an error:

I think it’s the lightbar and the little CCTV camera that isn’t showing up, mind uploading those or at least providing a link to whatever they come from please?

joined over and over again, crash rate = 100% not really helping much.

This one is for the camera and other things that might be useful in the future:
Yes it’s an SVN.

Connect to TheDanishMaster’s server here:
Apparently, its the only place to find it. If not, download every car made by the DanishMaster.

The vehicle mods weren’t added to the server due to stability issues… I can’t get it to work on mine without spamming the hell out of the console. Working on it though.

if it’s a sound issue, check the folders. there’s a readme about soundscripts.