gm_tornadonightfall - 2nd Installation to Garry's Mod Storm Chasing


Requires CS:S for some props, and Episode 2 for scenery

Final Release Date: RELEASED

This map is the third of four, of the Gmod Tornado Maps

  1. Tornado Alley, gm_tornadoalley - Basic tornado, medium play area, small detail, very dark -RELEASED-
  2. Tornado Highway, gm_tornadohighway - New tornado, 3 tornadoes, massive play area, medium detail -RELEASED-
  3. Tornado Valley, gm_tornadovalley - New tornadoes, 3 tornadoes, medium play area, major detail -NOT STARTED-
  4. Tornado Nightfall, gm_tornadonightfall - New tornadoes, 3 tornadoes, large play area, medium detail, night time -IN TESTING-


  • Tornadoes were redone, the suck-radius was revamped.
  • Tornado Warning Alarm (Siren) (Only activated by players, otherwise will not sound.)
  • Tornado EAS System, 9 alarms in total, 6 props in the gas station. All radios will play it.
  • Tornado TV EAS system, all TV’s will show EAS when a tornado warning is given.
  • F1 Tornado (Speed increased from gm_tornadohighway. Now moves at slightly faster than full sprint speed.)
  • F3 Tornado (Just under sprinting speed, faster than the F3 in the old map)
  • F5 Tornado (Same speed as walking)
  • All buildings are destructible
  • Drive In theater built by Saber
  • Gas Station created by Saber and built to be destructible by myself, with custom explosion particle by The Vman, and completely destructible
  • Dark atmosphere, nighttime setting,
  • Custom sunset stormy skybox texture by Mr. Chop
  • Admin room with the ability to turn off rain, turn off/on thunder and lightning, and disable/enable tornado spawning.


  1. The timer is set randomly, it can spawn anywhere between 2 minutes between tornadoes, and 8 minutes.
    1b) To turn the timer off, hit the DISABLE button in the Admin Room
  2. The timer will determine whether or not an F1, F3, or F5 is to spawn, or if two or three will spawn at the same time. This value is completely random, and not even I can determine which tornado is going to spawn.
  3. Once the timer fires, the sequence begins.
  4. The tornadoes will spawn randomly within 45 seconds to 2 minutes after the EAS warning.
  5. The tornadoes will last for anywhere between 1 minute and 2 minutes after spawning.

Progress Videos:


Looks nice

too soon man!

think about all the texans!

jks it looks great <3

Really enjoyed the last one and this looks just as good if not better.

Looks awesome.

Haha! I didn’t even think about that…

Is that the Storm chasing unit i see there Rory :smiley:

Oh man, I’m always pumped for these maps.

I’d so be in on any attempt to map out settings from the film

Just an update since I haven’t been active on the forums.

Nightfall is being worked on, just very slowly. I will be handing out the VMF to a trusted friend if it is not released by the time I go to the Army.


You’re going into the army? Good luck man.

I certainly hopes this get finished by yourself Rory or your friend.

Hope everything goes alright in the Army as well <3

I’ve been working on a custom tornado sound [using noises ripped from the movie] if you want to give it a listen.

Looks great!

Hey, this is off-topic to this map, but is relevant to the previous one. Is this legit, or did someone just steal this map? (as in the map that was edited, not THIS map the thread is for)

It’s legit, my friend Sabre (An admin on the tornado server) said he was making an update for the map (With Rhapid’s permission).

It’s legit. Saber is the co-owner of my Storm Chasing server and has permission to update maps for optimization only. Only I have permission to re-release tornado series maps, using these particles, sounds, textures, etc. Saber however is allowed to fix the maps and re-release them.

Tornado nightfall final progress video, release no later than Friday:

Still to do:

  1. Animated textures for drive in
  2. TONS of more props for a realistic feel
  3. Roadsigns, trees, fencing
  4. Add the tornadoes

I know this is pretty late in its development, but want a custom hdr skybox for the map?

put this together in photoshop, I want to add some stuff to the horizon like plains and some farms, need to find a source for that

And I have a custom tornado sound if you’d want to try it out. Maybe different sounds every map to keep it fresh?

Yeah PM me the files for the skybox and the sound, we’ll give it a shot. I will need them by Wednesday or no can do. Does the sound file loop? I can’t make them loop because I lack the program and the skill, so if it doesn’t loop I can’t use it.

Yup, I put the cues in. Sending soon!