Hi there this is dobbo5153 here I have commenced making a map based around tornadoes.

Just to be sure this has got nothing to do with RhapidFyre’s tornado maps this is completely different…

the setting is based like a desert type area similar to Monkeyjobla’s map but different in a way.

the map is 2% done and the tornado is 3% done all it is right is spinning smoke particles going up.

It would be great to have someone who knows how to script or code for the tornado cause I have no idea how to script or stuff like that if you want to script for the tornado email me at

I will put up some develop pics soon…

The map will need HL2 EP 2 BTW

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how does one “code” a tornado? Just have it check everything in a radius, unfreeze it and throw it around?

2%? You have a box at least right?

2 years later —> This topic hasn’t been updated, or if it has, the tornado might be on 20%

You’d be best going to ‘developer discussion’ with this one - you’re not releasing anything so it shouldn’t really be here.

Caps in the title
No pics/ nice Formated text.

Is it joke ?


is there a photo here

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yes I do have a box and a 2d skybox for now…

because linking to a file on your hard drive is how you do it. I highly doubt you are capable of making what you wish to make if at most you can do is make a 2d skybox cube. Honestly, choose some easier projects to build up your skill FIRST