ok, this map isn’t suppose to be fancy, its just a map to test nukes…

i tried to upload pictures, but the page wont upload them!

the map itself has a HUGE underground chamber that was removed do to bugs, and the nuke would kill you underground anyways, i made a tower…

please post bugs here

No pics. fucked it up, it doesn’t work, ill get sepret links

Youtube link to movie:

i mean how do i show picture like that??

put hand on face, keep it there

i mean, how do i show pictures here?



Map With Faster Lift 2x faster


Blocky, horrible textures, been done before, nothing very interesting.
Look at some of the other maps in the releases section before you release.
look at the quality of them compared to the quality of yours and look at the reviews they got.
I understand that when you first make a map, you think its the best thing ever because YOU made it.
Don’t be cocky…
this is just another of the hundreds of fullbright, blocky, and horridly textured nuke maps.

Next time, add lighting!
add detail, dont make it so drab
add something interesting, so we actually download it.
try to make it less blocky.
use better textures

its not blocky, thats the smallest block i can make,if i make smaller, my system wont compile it, i added func_detail like 20 times, i added lighting, wut do i mean interesting, its a nuke map, theres not suppose to be anything interesting, just a testing field

Add hills or something

You’re lacking common sense, you’re lazy and you can’t spell.


Your map is blocky in term of architecture, lacking details or any fancy atmosphere effect, poor lighting, and empty. It doesn’t matter if it’s testing field or not. To other, it’s not worth downloading because of the quality you’re showing is poor.

I do know how to spell, i just use those types of things when i talk to people on the web…

ok then fine, give me some ideas then, and ill see what i can do…

If you do not have ideas of your own then maybe mapping isn’t for you. By all means, start with no skill and build up; everyone starts somewhere. Unfortunately your maps are consistently bad…that is to say you haven’t appeared to learn from your mistakes.

Take time on a map, make something original and put as much effort into it as you can. There are so many tutorials out there that you can always find something to teach you.

Essentially, if you aren’t prepared to put time or effort in then the maps will get the same comments:
Badly Lit
Badly Textured

ok, how does this room look…is it still to dark

i have ideas, i meant ideas for lighting and such…

It is blocky.
Blocky means that there are no soft corners or anything, just faces Flat on the X,Y, and Z axis.
If it is not interesting, then why should we download it?
there are already much better nuke testing maps out there.

for Christ’s sake flatgrass has more detail.

oh, so you mean, ah…i thought you ment the blocks are to big…ahrite i will see what i can do about that


if i was going to make corners in a room, how would i do so? how can i make the corners soft, not sharpanough to kill somebody??

Use clip tool and smoothing group.

This is a good map, yours is not

Go through the Hammer tutorial if you haven’t already, it will teach you how to use all of the various tools. has good tutorials too.