[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Gm_TowerOfTerror

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] A map of the attraction at Disney MGM studios, with working ride.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod9 or 10



Finally, after about 2 months of hard work it is finished. Gm_TowerOfTerror is a complete recreation of the “Tower Of Terror” attraction in Disney MGM Studios Florida. It has a fully working ride and preshow with many cool effects just like the real version, complete with high quality recordings.

To begin the preshow, go into the library room and wait 20 seconds, the doors will close and a few seconds later the show will start on the tv.

To install, just extract the gmod9 folder in the .zip over your gmod9 folder.

All credits go to me, heyo, as the maker of this map.

Also, special thanks to for providing many pictures I used for reference.

Make sure you set net_maxfilesize 40 if you’re playing the map in multiplayer to allow people to download the map.


Whoa, that’s amazing. I’ve been there, so this is extra special for me =D

Very nice! I will give it a try later but it looks extremely nice. Great job!

Very good job on this! It are prettyful.

I’ve been there too, that’s a very sweet ride, tell you something, I had a special ed person sitting next to me, and that person was drueling a lot, I really thought he was going to puke on me.

Holy. Nice work man! this is one of the best looking maps i have seen. all the lights look great and if i could give you 10000000 of of .0000001 i would.

I like the map, but I hate Disney.

looks at username

Uh… Awesome!

Wow, that’s REALLY good!

WOAH! I didn’t think it’d be possible! Nice intro!

AWESOME! Nice work

Didn’t someone already make the tower of doom a ways back?

I’m searching to see if I can find it…

I live in Orlando, FL… Awesome map, I love it.

There was a tower of terror for counterstrike but that one was confusing, and seeing as it was made as a counterstrike map, it didn’t have the full ride.

Yeah, I found it anyways.

Link(half way down the page):

Not trying to degrade your map, just supplying info.

Holy shit this is really nice! It looks like the real deal.

It looks a little blocky but on a scale of one to ten on blockyness i would say 0.5/10.

I found out he had made a tower of terror map half way through development of my version. I almost quit working on it because of this, but my version is arguably better in some ways.

Like my ride is has the actual audio from the real thing and it’s more like the real ride.

Someone host a server :smiley:

After playing it, the map is incredibly well put together. It has many details which are very good. The effects and general ambience is perfect for the map.

The only few things that I would suggest is, add more random grass sprites in the grass to make it more lively and less propped out looking. Also, make some of your edges clipped off at 1.5 perfect 45 degree angles. it makes the map feel less blocky and more like stucco.

Just a few things to improve on. Otherwise, very nice, keep up the nice work.

Got my server up. Apollo’s server :smiley: feel free to join :D.

Great map. Reminds me of the movie so much. A very good effort.