Pictures are in the link at the bottom.

This is V2.
Everything requried is in the download.
If possible, can a moderater put this in realeses when the realeases forum comes back? If not, can I just remake a thread and put it in releases?

Gm_TowerV2 is a map that has a huge tower in the middle of the map at maximum height, with large flatgrass and water areas.

-Secret Rooms
-A sun
-Custom texures
-Map icon
-Many other stuff!

-The teleporter to the top is now redisigned
-The skybox is now a much better looking one
-Retextured the whole map except the grass which makes the whole map including the tower much better.
-The water has a much better texture
-Many more!


Making a V3! Post what you want in the V3.**

Thanks to stene for the grass texture, and whoever created the water texture fix. All of this is in the file so no other downloading is necessary.

Thanks for downloading!

Contact me if you have any questions or bugs to report:


Post Pictures or this thread will DIE.

How do I post pictures?

Use imageshack


upload file on imageshack, copy url that is in “forums” -> Upload -> Post the Direct Image URL -> Post


K thanks the images are going up now. If releases comes out can I repost this?

The mods will most likely move it.
But please fix your spelling and change your avatar.

Can we talk about the map please and not worry about the pictures because it is in the link!!!

So… When’s the next version coming out?

it’s a nice map, i can have use of it >:]
Also, would you mind adding this:
instead of an actual link?

How do you do that masterrp? I have always wondered

Dude! What the heck? I went through the door and went straight to the roof, where a fast zombie struck me and made my craptop (Crappy laptop) crash.
I almost had a seizure. How many fast zombies are there?

Looks skyhigh!

hollowman, you said you added a sun? Did you add a whole space universe etc?

One. Unless you find the secret room…

It was supposed to scare you.


“Whole Space Universe”?

It’s a tall block that goes really high and has a repetitive texture, not really much to talk about :.

Well, now I’m too terrified to go back.


Just tell me how to add a sun.
Thank you.