[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Gm_Toystruct

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] Construct map with a differnent style!

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Nothing!

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

[release]Hey, ever wanted an abstract construction map that had a playground/toy theme to it. Well this map is for you. It’s got all the qualities that a normal construction map would have but with a different style of texturing.
I plan to make another version after this so SUGGESTIONS would be great.
I hope to put together a final version and in the final version I would like there to be some models of various toys? So if anyone could attempt to make some that would be awesome.
Please rate and leave a comment![/release]

IF people want me to make a video I will.
Please rate and leave a comment!

I mean, it’s nice, with the textures and all but in my opinion I think I would get sick after like 15 minutes of playing

Well done, friend.

Custom textures are definitely a plus

Nice work on the skybox, really! I just wish it was more cartoonish and contrasted than some posterize rape.

Yeh, just trying something differnt and seeing if people like it.



…got my download!

Something that would really spice it up is a custom cartoonish water texture.

This is awesome.

Is that a block city in the hills that looks pretty ace

Looks awesome.

But according to the Images… it will lag on my 8400GS right?

I wish the water were more “Happy” and not like some hazard waters. :stuck_out_tongue:
Any way really nice map.
Well done.

+1 internets for you sir!

Very sexy.

Its not gonna lag, the textures i have kept to a low size while keeping the quality. i have also optimized the map. It should run fine on full graphics even if your computer cant support it.

I like comments :). Please also suggest things for the final version.

It can’t be…
A Pavillion user?
Poor soul, I’m right down there with you

reminds me of “ToonRun” on Sven Coop. Pretty cool map!

omg!?!?!? so good rowl zomg zomg wtf lol lol

this is amazing it reminds me abit of mario kart in a good way

Great artistic-ness.

Not sure about the level of eye rape, though.
Some of those colors are a pain to stare at.

Original! However I think I would go insane after 30 minutes in the map.