[release][tab]Map:[/tab] Gm_Trainbattle
[tab]Version:[/tab] Version 1
[tab]Description:[/tab] A small map with continuously moving trains for train battles.
[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Either Garry’s mod or Counter-Strike (no CSS content was used save for spawns)

This map was made for a request the other day. It was made on the novelty value of the unique quality it’s based around - four trains traveling side-by-side through a canyon, endlessly.
Great for posing, machinema, and general screwing around with friends.

It’s got CSS spawnpoints and so works fine in GMod but also works great for any small team deathmatch gamemodes.

Have some pics:

Now, yes, I know that I did not use displacements for the canyon. This is because the trains never actually move - for stability reasons - and so the canyon has to move. This also means that the canyon is composed of entities - if you know anything of displacements, you know they do NOT like being on entities.
The positive side to this method of infinite movement is that if you noclip, you stay “moving” with the trains. This also applies to frozen objects.

Restrictions and bugs that may/may not be improved in version two:

Small play area (only about two cars’ length)
Wheels don’t turn. (No animated model)
Stuff falls slightly through the ground.(Has to do with the following)
No collision on any part of the canyon details.(The rest of the canyon does have collision. Caused by the nature of the moving canyon - may be fixable later)

Constructive criticism is appreciated, and I will release a Version Two with enough recommendations.

cool, ingenious concept, i love how it loops endlessly

So will you die if you fall off?

Yes indeed. Props and npcs that fall off also move with the ground before being destroyed in a shower of sparks.

Cool map. :smiley:

very nice. its a shame you dont collide with the canyon, if you could shorter bridges would be a deffinate must :smiley:
I like how you did this. just maybe make it a bit bigger.’
Also, you dont think you could possible make the trains move a little more, it might cause a bit more problems for frozen props, but its not exactly a build map.

I could possibly make the trains move a bit more, yes. Not sure about side-to-side, but maybe a bit more forward and back then they do. If I make a version 2, I’ll be sure to do that and up the size of the play area.

Alas, I can’t make you able to collide with any of the moving canyon parts - the unchanging stuff (floor and basis of the walls) yes, but if you collide with the moving parts they end up slowing down when they hit something and it messes up everything.

Very nice, I will play it soon as possible.

Reminds me of This Map

Thanks for the feedback so far.

I’m going to get to work on moving the scenery to the skybox (since it’s already all lacking collision,) increasing the play area, and adding a couple different environment sequences triggered randomly based on a timer. (basically every, say, between 3 and 6 minutes it will change environments. I’m not sure if I can more than two, but I’m definitely thinking about a tunnel.

Looks nice.
Definitely going to take a look at it.

This is like that old unreal tournament (99) map. Dm_train. But it only had two trains.

Yay i guess

<3 it.

Hope to see v2 soon!

It’s nice, but, if the trains moved a lot more, and you could move along them a lot more, it’d make an epic gamemode.

v2’s actually almost finished. Might release it some time… probably tomorrow, possibly sooner. You can now move along the entire length of the trains, all the way up to the engines in the front, except for one train which is supposed to have a tanker on fire, but Garry’s mod isn’t liking my env_fires for some reason. Odd because they work in every other map I’ve used them in. There’re also more flatcars and a few boxcars you can go inside, which might actually make this useful as an interesting RP map.

Oh, and I brought the framerate up significantly - apparently, all those dynamically moving cars were also casting dynamically moving shadows on moving ground shivers Disabling them brought my FPS from 40/50 to 90+

I’ll make a note to set the trains to move more. Should they just move farther, you think, or faster too? (Relative to each other, that is.)

Both :slight_smile: Make speeds vary if possible, it’d be awesome.

Also, is there going to be tunnels/different scenery randomly flying past at any point?

I might be abit late to add this but I just got the idea

Would it be possible to make a segment where the trains stop at a train station? You could step off the train and mess around in the station until the train leaves again

@Fizzadar: I’ll try for more train movement. There will definitely be a tunnel (with special echo-y-ness, even :v:)

@Peanut: Unfortunately, no, I don’t think so. As is, there are gaps and some odd random texture bleeding which I think are caused by the teleporting path_track, but I’m not sure. The gaps/bleedings are covered, so you won’t see them, but unfortunately they are still there, and I think changing the speed of the terrain can only make it worse. The odd thing is, though, that the gap is not the same size as the amount of bleeding! I’ve been trying moving certain path_tracks and such, but I just don’t think there’s a real fix for it. I’ll try making the stop, but I can’t make any guarantees.

Alright, looking forward to it either way :dance: