gm_trainphilia WIP

Two years ago, I said “I AM GOING TO MAKE A TRAIN MAP” and well, better late than never.

These are screenshots of the tunnel system. It’s still not finished layout wise, but it’s coming along nicely. What you can’t see in these screen shots is the fact that there are two spots to turn your train around without any moving tracks. In fact, set up the tracks properly, can your train can run around in circles.

working track lights
expanding the underground construction area to have more tracks and two loops so you can turn your train around
outdoor area
a second track going up to the outdoor area


Very good job bravo :smiley:

Try and add a little more detail… It is very bleh right now. Also can you learn to take better screenshots?

What kind of screenshot is this? It is pretty much a brickwall… yep thats amazing
Some of those screen shots are just stupid to have…

Add more atmosphere to the areas, look at this area it so so boring and so unpleasing to the eye. Also the lights on the ceiling is floating… Make better architecture in general I guess I am saying.

Make it like the train stop on the Matrix.

Wait- @ Title… So trains get you going? :gonk:

@ actual thread; I really like the map. It’s well made and just plain awesome.

I like that train :v:

You like anything thats on the PHX tracks.

Are there any more like that? Look like they could come in handy :3

The map looks alright, although the platforms could do with some more detail

Well, duh.

I have nothing else to do in GMod other than attempt a half-assed go at making something.

It’s usually just a few blocks put together. I’m not all that dedicated to my enthusiasm one trillion percent. coughtboycough

TBoy, I admit, will make a nice train.
Me, I don’t really care for making trains in GMod. I had such a bad computer for so long that I couldn’t make anything detailed, and I lost all motivation 4 months before I got a new one.

Minor differences made big changes though.

You are using low-tech-switches and why this is only in tunnel?


This map looks like it’s gonna be completely epic when it’s done. I can hardly wait!

Ard Partrinel, you have no taste.

                      ^ This.

Sorry, but this map has something about it that doesn’t look right. But I think if you work a bit harder and have an eye for detail, everything could come out alright.

Hey, I said when it’s done. True, it doesn’t look like much now, though the shots show some good trackage. I actually was only talking about the train part, nothing else.

But that train is from, I noticed it instantly! It’s not even a good train :frown:!

Wow…nitpick much? The TRACK LAYOUT and the SWITCHES are very well done.

#1) I guess people forget that WIP stands for “work in progress”

#2) the train is not mine, but it’s shaky and not very stable, so it serves as a good testing train. That shaky train is used to test out every track, every switch, making sure nothing derails. I’ve boosted its speed as well.

#3) The problem with architectural detail is that so many brush faces are used up with curves and tracks. There is a limit to how many brush faces you can have in a single map. I want to spruce up stuff with hl2 models, but I can only go so far with brush work at this point. Now, if anyone can model some architectural details for me, that would be fantastic. (oh, and converting brushes to func_detail won’t solve that issue).

#4) To the person who asked for a matrix-like train station, that’s a good idea.

#5) I’m working on the outdoor area right now. I plan two outdoor spots
#5a) a detailed area full of cliffs and water and a suspension bridge. I’ve worked out some long curvy tracks on high cliffs where if you derail, you’re shit out of luck.
#5b) a less detailed more gm_flatgrass area for construction
Both areas would be connected via tunnels through cliff walls ala gm_mobenix_v3. The outdoor area should be loopable just like the tunnels, and I will try to make it so that you can go above ground and underground in a fully connected loop, just as long as the switches are setup properly.

#6) I’ve created a huge collection of track prefabs. Some I made from gm_wireconstruct, others I found on, others I made myself. Once this is done, I intend to release the prefabs. These prefabs are pretty numerous, such as: straight-noground, straight-ground, straight-tunnel, etc etc etc.


also, the track leading above ground is now two tracks. The big empty underground spot for construction has a loop to turn your train around and some more straight tracks to build with.

No one “forgets” that its WIP, its the fact that you didn’t ask for advice, and try to defend your work against constructive crisitism. Take in the advice, improve from it. You do have along way to go. Also, in train maps, try to post the current layout, and some finished or further along WIP pics such as these:

Also, the prefabs on and Wireconstruct are often frowned upon because of being to sharp, try to make them wider. Keep posting pictures, and keep adding detail, don’t worry about brush limit yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI, wasn’t trying to jack your thread with my Current WIP map, just using it as an example.

Holy CRAP Daveh…nice!

Now I don’t know which map to look forward to more…v0idnull’s or Daveh’s…