My tainyard map, i deleted originals because they sucked.

And teh Downloadz0ur

The download refers to the above pictures due to the newer version being request only. Pm me if you want to help test the map.
New version

One of the new stations

Entrance to the tunnel

A siding off the single track

The new turntable

I know the boxy sides are still there, I’m working making cliffs or hills to make it better, other than that, C & C are needed.

Added a video!


The second turntable in the coal yard to be.

The added coal yard, still in production.

The bridge with actual water under it.

My EMD Gp50 blaring through one of the stations.

The start of a new station.

Heres a video of my GP50 pulling freight in the updated map.


Added a new Branch Line, just mainly a bridge, but its meant so that the trains don’t need to switch tracks to keep going.

The Main trainyard, Shadows suck because I use Fast vvis, vrad.

The New Branch Line, I plan on adding a better bridge later.

The start of a tunnel through a wall, I plan to make it more rounded and better looking.

And a video of an SD90 going through the new parts of my map.

fullbright, could use better texturing, could be less blocky in places besides the track
I think the tracks looks pretty good, but they should have the overlay that makes them look better, and also have a metal texture

Are the tracks at least standard PHX sized width?

You’ve been around here long enough, you should know better. Don’t release your stuff with fullbright.

The map design itself isn’t that bad, reminds me of botmap in a more ghetto way.

Looks incredibly ambitious… maybe you should start off smaller? Like a smaller track layout, which would be easier to detail.

Its a v1, but its a beta? How does that make sense. Texturing is grotty, lighting is fullbright and everything seems to have been made to look as square and unrealistic as possible.

Tip: go out and look at a real life trainstation.

we always need more train maps
going to test it now

This map is just plain awful.

It is incredible blocky and the texture “work” is just horrible. And those stations are just random blocks thrown together. Also, you can’t say the lighting sucks when there isn’t one.

Really, don’t release your map if it’s fullbright and use more interesting geometry. And learn to use proper textures. Roof textures on floors and walls just don’t look right.

Only good thing I can see are the tracks though they are badly textured. You really need to work on this more.

:siren: glitchs and bugs :siren:

the turntable does not rotate correctly

switchs will not change tracks, this one in point

at this point it is impossable to drive across without derailing

the skybox needs to be higher
fullbright needs to be fixed, or taken off
texture upgrade needed
station should be better

tunnels are ok

Wow, you actually downloaded it. :v:

yes i did smug

its :smug:

looking good man

I knew a map could be blocky, but this is like the second coming of blocky. I’ve never seen any map with so little detail.

it’s pretty good when you go on it :frowning:

Bland, blocky, fullbright, pretty much a beta. Don’t post these next time.

Yeah, it says it’s a beta, did you read the OP?

Beta maps shouldn’t be released.

I guess your right.

Betas are usually fine…it’s things like these that shouldn’t see the light of day until they fulfill basic requirements. I’d class this as an alpha at the highest.