[release][tab]Name:[/tab] gm_trapgrass

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] A map with a labyrinth and build area.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Episode 2


Okay so this is a hybrid map of deathmatch and building. It consists of a big labyrinth that has a big amount of tricky traps, and a big build area.
You spawn in the start of the labyrinth and your goal is to get to the end (without noclip).

Once you get out, you find a big build area.

Myself -> Making it.
Pyro-Fire -> Ideas, testing, name and design features, like the walls mostly being the same width.
Dryvnt -> Main Tester.
Juggalo -> Tester.

-Episode 2

If you don’t have gmod this map could be used in Episode 2. Instructions : Open Console -> type:
map gm_trapgrass (just for those who doesn’t know).

Also, i am thinking of making a V2 of this, so i need ideas for more traps and stuff. If you got any ideas, don’t hesitate to share them please.
If your idea is used you will be credited.

And if you didn’t notice, it’s not fullbright…

Awesome work on this, i turned out very cool

Looks cool! I’ll give it a download when I get O-Box on tuesday!

Looks nice, gotta try it out even if i don’t got orange box.

Looks cool. Il go download it now.

Someone can just finish the maze and camp, Killing everyone who tries to exit.
Maybe make the start on the surface?

Well what is the point of the labyrinth then? :open_mouth:

did you use my traps? If not, this should help you a lot

Have an anti-noclippable cage that traps people, transports them to the surface, where people have buttons to torture and make fun of them, e.g, rotten tomato grenades!

Not bad i suppose, although your 2D skybox is fucked.
Look at the texture, it’s all stretched up.

Looks good enough, but the way the textures have been raped just…puts me off. Can you get some shots up * without * the stretched stuff?

Looks awesome, about to try it.

Also, you got over 50 downloads, are you going to make a V2?

Yeah, about that, I have been busy, but V2 is on it’s way…
I think I will have to release it soon, so that it won’t be deleted when I purchase my new computer.

Looks like you used only one texture, did not compile with lights, and used carve…

can you change the grass texture cuzz my is perpole & black.can you change it to original grass lick in flatgrass :slight_smile:

You need episode 2.

Who doesn’t have Episode 2 by now anyways?

Does it work with LostCoast?


SorrySorry!!! Im so sorry, forgot to look at date :((

You also forgot to look at the requirements.

Work on the underground textures some more, the tiles on the wall don’t blend well with the floor. See if you can make the tunnel taller too, and try some good lighting techniques like using “Light_spot” instead of just “Light”. Just that can make a lot of maps look more professional.