A map i made, it has two oppisite (Not copy and paste oppisite just different sides) trenches. both have an MG42 Nest (NPC mannable). I noded it to where units can jump in or out of the trenches. I made it dark so the lighting can be focused on floodlights and the glow of burning craters, more of a dirty war feeling instead of pure daylight.
video is down ill try to reupload, crappy youtube
Sorry, i dont really know how you guys put the video in the forum, and i cant be sure when the video will be done processing so here are some pictures.

-JimfourGrim for the Barbwire models
-Uknown for the fortification props
-Deadmen01 for Map and concept
-Facepunch, for help
-Tesihuht MG42 Model

Use media tags, bbcode to embed the video.
Have this, Wait scratch that video isn’t available.

Map looks awesome :3

I cant see the map. all I see is a very tiny part of the map, and what look like part of flatgrass with combine shooting in it. better screenshots=more downloads. and forget the NPCs, they distract too much from the map.


MG42 is a piece of German WWII equipment WWII was not so much about trench warfare, that would be WWI in which case you should change the “MG42” nest to a “Maxim” MG nest to be more accurate but I’m sure most people will not notice.

I’m sorry I am very picky when it comes to being historically accurate.

In the defence of normandy there was a lot of trenches and MG nests, but the trenches were wider, and the ‘nests’ covered. This is historically accurate. If you want a WW1 trench map, I am sure I have seenone on somewhere

I’m not asking for him to make it a WWI map I’m just telling him that long trenches across from each other are WWI.

Edit: Are there 1 or 2 trenches?

Looks great.

We definitely need more NPC noded maps like this.

the ground is the wrong kind in my opinion. with grass it still looks too sunshine happy. I say, change it do one of the muddy dirt brown ones.

looks awesome, can you give some ground level screen shots?

Awesome. Now all we need are some ww1 models.