**Metro 2033 - Last Light inspired small scenic map. **

It is a pretty small map for posing or screenshots and you will not discover much. I will update it from
time to time and expand the areas.

If you have specific wishes what to add just tell me.[/t] [t][/t]

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Workshop Link

Where’s the third rail?

Now I want to read the books again :c
I wish there were more.

Gotta check this map out tomorrow. Looks nice.

I will also upload it for SFM if anyone is interested. It is compiled with HDR.

Where’s Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya/Kalininskaya lines? Where’s path to Novokuznetskaya?

I’ve actually noticed some incorrect lighting.[/t]

My flashlight is pointing directly at it. It doesn’t look exactly pretty.

Those parts actually should not be accessible for the player. The 2 ends of the tunnel are simply blockades to stop the player. I am right now working on the map and expanding it.

Sorry this is not a 1:1 replica of the tretyakovskaya line. It is actually just inspired from Last light and made-up from scratch.

They don’t exactly do a great job cause I just crouched and worked my way over :v:

Oh really? Allright and i thought the nodraw brush will block the players, seems like i placed it wrong somehow. Well thanks for telling me gonna fix it quick.

Nodraw? Thought you should use player clip for something like that.

Gonna update soon. Here is a sneak-peek[/t]


EDIT: Sadly this map is just a eye catcher and will not really support any gamemodes because it is pretty small but allready relative huge
in filesize. Thats a really big problem. I dont know whats the max allowed filesize for a gmod workshop object is so i will just continue working on this until i reach
the limit.

I will upload the update today when i get home. The map is allready ~90mb big, Now it increased to ~170mb :tinfoil:

Update: 26. Feb.

  • Added a new area
  • Fixed some sound problems
  • Fixed the blockades on each ends of the tunnel
  • Changed some textures

Workshop Link

check the light map grid?

Whilst you’re screwing around with the lights you may need to fix this.

Hey thanks that reduced the filesize!


Gonna update to a new area soon.

I know the screenshot is a bit dark but it’s basicly some kind of big sewer hall.[/t]




Updated the map.

Added 2 new areas and some ambient music that plays in specific areas.

Workshop Link[/t] [t][/t]

[t][/t] [t][/t]


Noticed a few things…[/thumb]
You can easily get stuck on that gate on the floor.

First, that crate on the left has a totally terrible collision model, could use a player clip on top. Also it’s nearly impossible to enter the air duct from this side, due to the collision model. Also it’s generally a good idea to make a player clip ramp before such things, then again it isn’t that important since that air duct has no value to the gameplay, besides aesthethics.

Got stuck between those pipes a few times.

You also might wanna rework this displacement, kinda hard to walk up and it looks odd with the stairs hanging in the air.


Trigger_hurt those, with the damage type set to radiation. Also has the effect that there’s a geiger counter sound playing when you get close to them, which adds to the atmosphere.

Hope you’re adding more stuff to the map, I’m amazed by the amount of detail you put in.

Thanks for the bug report! I will fix them for the next update. Planning to add some longer tunnels for those “handmade” train vehicle things you sometimes can drive in metro2033. Got some models for that which looks nice.

Finally managed to make a player controllable train in gmod. It works with the IO system and no addon or lua script is needed. It’s fully implemented in the map.

It took me a few days to find out how to do this but i think the result is quite nice.