I just updated the map, fixed the fences

This map is of the Trololo stage.

Trololo is a popular video, AKA Russian rick roll.

The song was made by Eduard Khil, a Russian singer.


The IRL video:
My Map video:


Jim The Atheist

To be honest it looks quite boring. But then again this is all you really see in the video, so I guess that’s okay.
But those fences or whatever it is. The texture there is misaligned as you can see there is a clear cut near the top. If you align the texture to the top or bottom it should look a lot better.

and you shouldn’t sign your post.

Ok, I’ll stop signing, I don’t know why everyone gets mad at it, its just being polite.

As for the texture, I will attempt to fix.

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Just fixed the fences. It looks better. Video not updated, but its still the same layout.

After laughing for a sec, the map is DL’d… its not something to be OMFG about, but it sure gives a chuckle to those on your same page…

I can’t wait to play spacebuild on this map

/facepalm… When will the new fags stop they’re rampage…
Our reputation is gone…

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling" - Autumn))

Jesus Christ, are you twelve? I hope to god that you’re trolling.

Your reputation of being dumb, annoying wanna-be big boys, or your reputation of being unfunny DDOSing idiots?

Says the guy with the Trollface avatar.

Now all we need is a Eduard Khil ragdoll.

EDIT: crap, some one posted the need for an Eduard Khill Ragdoll before me

So what you have here is a hollow box, with another, thinner box inside of it, and ontop of that box, there’s two boxes with broken textures. Impressive.

Yey yey yey yey trololo!

It’s definitely better than your forest suggestion.