[release][tab]Name:[/tab] GM_Tropics_v3b

[tab]Version:[/tab] 3.0b

[tab]Description:[/tab] Tropics v3b

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod 10

[tab]Download:[/tab] - HDR Version - LDR Version;12886849;/fileinfo.html - LDR Version[/release]

This map is a fix of gm_tropics_v3 to run on the Ep2 engine without crashing with the “engine hunk overflow” error.

I got permission from HypnoToad to do this, so don’t go whining about how I stole it. All work in the map was done by him, minus a few changes I made for the map to work.

Due to how the map was made, not everything could be saved. list of changes are below:

  1. No 3D Skybox
  2. The admin room, and the hallway leading to the underground security room with the security doors and such was deleted. They were mangled beyond fixing and served no purpose.
  3. Volcano changed from sewer to real lava with rumbling sound in the caldera.
  4. Way taller skybox.

HDR Version

No 3d skybox :crying:

Whatever, it’s still cool.

Wow, amazing.

god bless us… everyone!

Also I have been informed that Hyptno is making an official V4. So this will SO DO until then!

Expect one of the Tricky’s Tutorials servers to run this map constantly.

Ohh HELL yes!!! :dance: One of my favorite maps is back!

For me when I go under water it fails and the top of the water is missing texture.

It’s a stock HL2 texture, it must be on your end.

Guess I need to reinstall HL2.

I don’t think adding hdr will bring the error back.

Still good work!

I know it won’t. But since the OB compile tools have a glitched VMPI, I’d rather not wait 20 hours for HDR to finish on VRAD. It already takes long enough to compile as it is.

Thank you so much for fixing it. I freakin’ love you like you can’t imagine!
(In a completely heterosexual way.)

i love you in a homo way
all the way

about time someone fixed this map i loved it :smiley: you got my download

Looks sexy

It’s awesome.

Please make a HDR version.

It’s nice to see someone got around to this. I remember the bitching that went on when it wouldn’t work and hypno told you to jog on. haha

I could donate max 14 hours compile time on my computer if you’d like. (Sleep and university time). It’s not the best PC these days but it’s got 3gb ram, gt8800, q6600 processor. Just load the sucker, whack the setting up to full and sleep/learn.

I really miss the 3d-skybox.

Although the 3d-skybox is missing its looks great

I can remember playing the original and having fun :slight_smile: then Garry updated the game shakes fist

Epic map even without the HDR and 3D Skybox