HI again

thought id make a different map whilst i take a break from Gm_lakeside, and to get a little more practice.

so i bring you Gm_Twin_construct.

-Two buildings
-large area to build
-custum textures
-Gm_construct grass and water

-JazmaN - General mapping
-Firegod - Environmental lighting and custum textures
Mirror linl:

THIS IS A BETA RELEASE SO PLEASE TELL ME OF ANY BUGS or if you have any suggestions, one bug already found, see screenshot in download

's alright i guess… just another construct map though
also, try using a more yellow color for the sunlight

cool to see some basic maps that don’t look like first try crap

i like it

ok uploading now,


it’s uploaded now

Too many build maps. Why can’t people make more original maps?

We appreciate your hard work, but seriously, yet another construct map?

lol it was only a practice map lol i am currently workin on a RP map called gm_lakeside, its got a hell of a lot of work to be done on it before its released. you can check it out here