Gm_Uldum 2

Well it was time to release it now so here it is:[/t][t][/t][t][/t]


Dropbox download
The Dropbox download will not be updated, only the workshop version will be updated.

You are free to use the Dropbox version outside of Garry’s Mod in example Source Film Maker, You are also free to decompile and use assets, models and textures,
however, editing one small thing and re releasing the entire map will result in link being taken down and actions taken.


This is amazing. Why don’t people create more WOW maps, they have so much potential to be great GM or CS:S maps.

Oh man this looks great. Is it possible for someone to provide another link to the map that isn’t the workshop?
I seriously wanna see how this looks in SFM.

Didn’t you first start making this for the dev mapping contest?

Man, it’s looking amazing, great job!

Sorry but i would like to keep it on Workshop for now.

That would be gm_uldum that was released in October.

Just use GMad extractor to get the map out Urbanator

I didnt even know you were making a second one! Wow!

Incredible! SFM version please!!

Hard to see quality desert map and architecture. And you have done it :smiley:

does it feature the mysterious camel figurines that i spent months farming?

The map looks very awsome! It’s very detailed, the shading, the sand hills looks new and the inside of the pyramid is so nice. :wink: But could there be a Source Filmmaker for this? I want to make films with it. If you can, that’s cool.

I remember seeing this quite some time ago. Pretty cool.

I simply love this map and it’s atmosphere.
It’s warm and dry, just like it should be

I downloaded from Workshop and the water is pink and black along with the floor textures in the tomb.

In console, what textures does it say are missing (or just send a paste bin link to your console log); most likely due to steampipe shit.

Amen to that.

Updated op.

Nice work, reminds me a bit of Serious sam

Thanks for adding a dropbox link for sfm users, unfortunatly I’m getting ‘engine hunk overflow’ errors when trying to load the map.
Anyone else experiencing problems?