The long non awaited map Gm_Uldum is released, go and get it and complain about the sand.

Will also be on workshop when that decides to work.

*hugs j!!m’s baby

You should totally make it playable as a CP map and submit it to the workshop.

That looks amazing!

If you made a realistic version of this, though, I think I’d jizz to death.

goddamn… some * serious * poses can be done with this

If you can make a realistic version of this it would go great for my Tomb Raider-inspired shots.

A Realistic version?

WOW…just wow

Great job

Holy shit.

That’s amazing

The sand hills on the background look a bit blocky

This would look great with sandstorms.

Someone has played too much world of warcraft.

Whats wrong with playing World of Warcraft?

As in, change the textures and props to non-tf2 textures and props. That’s all it needs, really.

If you borrowed the the textures and props from the CSS Egypt maps you could easily make a realistic version of this one.

Even de_dust textures would work for it.

I’m not going to change the textures

I like it how it is

Okay, here’s another idea then: Would you be willing to release the map’s files so that others can edit it?

Guys, it’s slightly rude to ask that he change the textures. It looks amazing, he has put a lot of work into it, a lot of stress went into getting the map to work properly. And it looks a ton better than the WoW version.

Why don’t you make your own map and have other textures on that.