A huge map, probably the bigest map in gmod.

Some pictures:[/media]


*Custom skybox texture.
*Gm_construct grass texture.
*Round spawn point.

Have fun!


VERSION 2.0 Download this one instead of 1.0

I suppose if you need more space to build on flatgrass then this is the map for you.

As much as people hate flatgrass maps, this one actually looks pretty nice.

This is nice.
Seriously though, this is nice.

Isn’t gm_flatgrass the maximum size in hammer?

Nope, well in width its almost the bigest size but in the height its takes up just 1/2 space of gird.
And thx for all the comments :smiley:

1/2? More like 1/10’th.

Just tested this, and if you look straight up with the crossbow, or go too high, the sky warps as though there’s a leak in the map.

The map cliping is because of the maps size i think, coz i found no leaks in hammer :confused:

Not even close. Why is this asked every week.

i do like this. i will download this win i get home tonight.

This will most likely be on some build servers… well i atleast hope it will.

Some people realy like my map, cool :smiley:

What can I say? It’s a flatgrass remake.

However, this one, you’ve actually put work into. Custom skybox? HDR? Nice. It’s still as bland and flat as ever, but in a good way.

Pretty good, runs at a higher fps on my PC than standard gm_flatgrass. This the case for anyone else?

How high can you fly?

What’s with the HDR? It’s pretty pointless on an all grass map.

Looks okay, but who the fuck would use like 50% of it?


I build big.

Size isn’t everything you know.

and you must build boring too. There is nothing to do on a flatgrass map. If you build a car… nothing… Plane… Nothing. Cant build a train without spawning tracks… No occlusions so your fucked if someone else wants to build.

I hate flatgrass maps.