The Third version of gm_underground is here! (with revisions)

gm_underground3 is an underground military installation for sandbox and RP in garrysmod.

It is pretty detailed and has a few little features you can explore such as alarms and power switches, but some areas, like the living quarters, were left empty to give the player room to put their own props down and customize!

Besides the screenshots on the download page, their are tons of screenshots in the .zip file to look at to. (but you’ll have to download.)

So check it out, here is the download link (the download count was reset because i made some major revisions):

it looks ok. can’t be bothered to dl right now, but form the pics it seems a bit blocky and empty, but otherwise decent.

and the -||- is unnecessary and annoying. makes it seem like you’re one of those people that puts xX Xx around their name if it’s taken already.

Actually, this version of gm_underground has the most architectural features, and the reason many areas are empty, is to give players room to play sandbox and rp. The screenshots aren’t exactly the highlight of those features of course, its just that i didn’t name them so i had to pick from automatically named ones for the download.

So don’t knock it till you try it and no, i hate putting xX before and after names, and people that do.

The map looks sparse and undetailed. Lighting looks bare and dull. Decals seem used for the hell of it. Brushwork is simple and boring. Needs a lot of work.

Why thank you for your very nice opinion, i hope that you had a chance to play the map.

I didn’t, i gleaned enough input from the images. Trained eye n all.

Seriously, thank you for the advice, i just completed adding several new features including a more realistic reactor, more details, a 3D skybox, escape hatch, etc. along with smoothing up some of the brush work and cleaning up some of the decals and textures, i will replace the old file with it in a few moments.

do u need any addons cause i just see pink and black squares and errors everywhere? please tell me how to fix this and for ur next one u should make it bigger and build a huge area for the reactor.


nevermind i read the readme but u should include ur own custom textures so we dont have to go spend 50$ for this to work. do that with the next one for another good review

Custom textures mean a lot more work than using some from a game most people have anyway.

I find it a great map I have a few issues, but I’m not here to bash.

  • Reactor controls are confusing as hell, I had to cycle around whatever phases there are for about 5 minutes to get the lights to come back on and stay on.

-Well needs defined walls or a different texture underwater

-Too small! This map could, in my own opinion be so much better if you could add more rooms and levels, add more to the surface too. Maybe add a shop, bigger apartment-like structures, an underground park(with some kind of artificial sun light lamp things), maybe change the well into a swimming pool.

-Add more detail to the reactors, valve already has a lot of weird effects things that I’m sure could be implemented. Though I have to say, I find it interesting that you remembered to add a hurt trigger in the reactor containment; gets you out of an area you realistically shouldn’t be.

  • Add more buttons! People love buttons and having buttons around the map makes it interesting. There is so much people are doing with buttons these days. Just take a look at the Area 51, Mobenix, and RP_Rats maps that are floatign around, plenty of examples in all of them.

Overall a great improvement from your first underground map, definitely.

There’s only 1 button. :confused:

people need to stop hating on this map. i really liked it. very good for roleplaying. the only problem i encountered was underwater checkerboard textures.