Gm_Underwaste Criticism, Time for it now. Please post!

So, I decided to make Gm_Underwaste_V2
with fixed cubemaps, fixed lighting on wasteland, some glitches, and add more areas since I just noticed it’s only 1500 brushes so far so I can continue to craft.
So I just need now a criticism to know what to add or fix.
Links to maps to see from images:

So tell me what should I improve.

Redo the light_env, so it isn’t just straight down, and actually matches the colour of the skybox texture. Thats the only thing that bugged me in the original.

shit I just noticed it that just bland colours. Like 255 255 255

  • Replace the brushwork furniture in the lab with nicer, more detailed models.
  • Make the outside area less orange.
  • Improve (and extend) the outside area, use a better blend texture and add some buildings to explore on the surface.

Ok I deleted all wasteland I had and all it’s props, leaving only lab with exit. I will start crafting another labs now. - Theme of them is secret!