** Gm_Underwaste ** 

 ** + Bonus (read in the end of post) ** 

** Description **

3 months.
That was the time that took me to start and finish this map. Probably not because it’s detailed or anything, but because I am lazy. I wanted to abandon it, but a lot of people said not to. So I somehow dragged myself through it. And here it is.

Map is a Wasteland and underground lab.
Lab has everything for human to survive and keep him healthy.
It has bedroom, kitchen, supplies, operation room, research room, toilet, and other rooms. (see screenshots)
It has some custom content and some CSS and some EP2.
Has some mad zombie on surgery table.
Has a lot of props.
Obviously has lights.
Has a lot of interactive stuff , Such as : Shelves, Boxes in table, kitchen table, hula dool.
TV is RT screen. So if you use your RT camera, you will see image on TV. I got that idea not so far ago, I had a simple picutre from District 9 so far. Then I changed it to RT screen.
A doors are automatic so don’t get jammed in them.
Have a TOTAL fun, physgun doesn’t matter, you can’t drag out doors or dynamic entities. Because they are blocked to use physgun. Didn’t want doors to be fucked up.
Really big elevator tunnel. So I guess safe against nukes if someone launches them up in wasteland you will survive in lab.
In elevator room it has a trash channel, which you open, drop stuff there, close and it’s being send up to wasteland.

** Screenshots **

I sorted them out by categories. ANd media tagged.

** Main Hall ** [/media]

** Bedroom **

[media] [/media]

** Kitchen + Going down into Storage Room **

[media] [/media]

** Research Room **

[media] [/media]

** Common Room or Transition Room **

[media] [/media]

** Toilet **

[media] [/media]

** Surgery Room **

[media] [/media]

** Elevator Room + Elevator **

[media] [/media]

** Wasteland (LONG! Open at your own patience) **

[media] [/media]

** Vision in different modes **


** Known Bugs **

Near the entrance there is few holes in displacement. Really Small ones. Smaller than pistol in game.
Displacement size. It’s not even bug it’s the way I made it because with small scale texture it looked shite.

** Requirements **

Counter Strike Source
Half Life 2 Episode 2
Good computer. (Seriously)

** Credits **

arleitiss - Idea, whole map, custom textures, Solar panel, Shack.

ssa gib A - Hazard Suit model + stand (porting from 007 game)

Unknown author but legend person big thanks - Making books models.
(No idea who made them, I just saw a guy who uploaded them) So won’t credit. But thanks to who made them.

Unknown author but same legend person big thanks as well - for making PS3 model and controller.
(As usually author lost only re-uploaders found) - Thanks to author of it.

karatekafer - For awesome skybox making. Big thanks.

** Contacts **

Steam: arleitiss
Skype: ar4aaa
or just read my profile for info.

** Download **


 ** Bonus ** 

I included .VMF of this map.
So feel free to edit and remake it, or just copy stuff from it.
Just in case you use any of my materials include me in credits and if you use other people stuff in my map include them in Credits.
Instructions about using .vmf read in VMF folder when you download map.

Have Fun.

Very nice.

How do you get reflective mirrors in the bathroom?

Love it.

Guessing a screen+camera but Im no pro

Hey look a VMF

Wow, your mapping has gotten a lot better, but the desert above doesn’t look too good.

It isn’t that bad. At least it doesn’t use that horrible sand texture that every single desert map insists on using.

I just don’t understand how a radio tower got in a riverbed. :psyduck:

  • It’s the material glass/reflectiveglass001

Hey, a lot of the objects spazz out a bit excessively. For example, when I hit the ground 2 feet away from anything, paint buckets and stuff get sent flying. Simply hitting the floor turned out to cause stuff to start breaking. Is that normal?

Other than that, I was hoping that there would be more buttons and stuff (what does the power box do?)/

nothing, you can just open it once.

I belive this map is very desent, but like stated above, the wastland needs work; other wise this is a very nice map, great job.

Wasteland could’ve used some more care… Still…

looks great!

When I loaded up the map I got a super bright map with incredibly reflective textures on almost everything.
What am I doing wrong?

Saw the VMF included, put into “materials” under:
Testing now.

Man vmf is a hammer editor extension gmod has nothing to do with it.

Most of the trains and destroyed cars really aren’t needed and look odd. Same with the radio towers and gravestones

Okay, well then I have no idea what I’m talking about.
Either way, everything is showing up super bright.

During game, when map is loaded type in console “buildcubemaps”

Yes i have that problem with alot of maps where any object with a shiny surface is very bright and blinding, But even the buildcubemaps command dont help.

the lighting on the waste land reminds me of mars for some reason maybe the sky not sure but i’m downloading now

This map is GORGEOUS