gm_valhalla (temp title)

Anyone remember the post apoc competition? My entry was the one that got zero votes. And now it’s back, partly due to hazrd’s map.

After gm_sanctuary i tried to do so many maps that i have a lot of good quality work that i can pile in after a bit of tweaking.

So, without further ado-

I’ll be using the prison from fallout map.

One of the things I’ll be putting in is a revolving weather system. When the blizzard descends, it will get cold. There are areas of shelter scattered around them map, and I’ve also added adhoc places to reside till the blizzard rises. The blizzard is on a random timer, and I’m still considering if to put something nastier than cold in the blizzard…

And those concerned about me using old work, it will be stuff you may have seen before, but modified to fit in. Nothing will be shoved in wherever, it will be fitted in and the details modded to suit the environment.

Why the name?
Yeah it’s temporary, and you shouldn’t keep it.


About the map, last screenshot does look pretty good.

From the screenshots, it looks pretty bland, but I’m not judging it yet, as it’s hard to really tell the quality of it and I’m sure it will get better.

I expected the GFS Valhalla from MP3: Corruption.

Yeah change the name, it has nothing to do with vikings.

Anyhow, it looks kinda blocky and bland, though the third pic has a nice atmosphere.

I think most of you haven’t seen the post apocalyptic TV Series “Jeremiah” where a disease kills everyone above the age of 20 or whatever and the world goes nuts with all the lonely kids that just lost their parents. Anyways, Valhalla Sector is a military base where a bunch of smart jackass military adults hid from the epidemic.

May i just point to this article:

Valhalla is the name of an ice world in the 40k universe. I threw the name in there because the map takes place on an ice world (surprisingly). But yeah, name is temporary until i can find the name of a winter god to replace it.

Would gm_vetr seem more appropriate for those nitpickers out there?

Darn, I guess I’ll be leaving then.

I hope the map turns out well, also why don’t you just press F5 to take the pictures in game instead of using a screen recorder?

Actually, if i take images using fraps the game crashes. Personally I’m using print screen at the moment.


More images inbound- i’ll be updating this thread throughout the day as long as the inspiration flows

That looks really good.

Those doors on the ceiling; they need something around them, like a border.

For one, the cardboard and the computer consoles are floating. The lights are too bright and need to be lowered. The ceiling tiles too, try a new texture maybe.

They aren’t actually floating, but it does look like it from that image for some reason. I’ll look into it a bit. The light just in front of the lift is quite bright, and will probably be removed when i rig the elevator to work or it will clip through it.

Also, add some overlays to the ground and maybe use a dirtier ceiling texture.

Slap some blue tone colour correction on there too.

I should just say that if anyone has any suggestions for me to consider to apply to the map, now would be the perfect time.

Looks sweat IronPhoenix! Keep up the good work!

Guess what…after one of my worst days ever, vista committed suicide while copying stuff onto my tb drive and it appears to have not copied over my entire hammer directory. What fun.

In essence, this means that unless i can retrieve all my data off two hard drives (one of which won’t boot anymore) the map will be being remade…from scratch.

Very early screenshot of the new map. The map will include a transit system, weather system and other bits and pieces. The screenshot below is the plateau, home to security station alpha, the primary transit hub, the helipads, and the radio station.

Very good. I like the idea of a transit system.

I’ll probably hate the idea by the time i’m done. Also planning to rig up a way for the people at security station alpha to haul supplies up via remote control…more on that once i have worked out the details.