GM_Vardet is a map that I’ve been working on the past week or so. It’s planned uses are construct or RP, but will likely retain the moniker “GM_”. There is no planned release date yet, but I will be releasing this on and the Gmod Toybox. It’d be great to get C&C and this thread, and if you’d like to beta test the map please add me on Steam or PM me. i will include pictures of the progress as I go on in this thread, there are also a variety of pictures in the map pimpage thread.

Earlier updates

Video teaser w/ fly throughs and more detailed info

Updates as of December 30th


December 15th Updates


Whole map overview

Add _hdr at the end of the sky texture.

Increase the lightmap scale of the interior on that third picture.

Compiled in Episode 2 with HDR and a new skybox.

a lot better. Now build some environments for you buildings.

I love the architecture of your buildings, gives them a very interesting look.

Random decals should do the trick.

do the trick of what? Also, what kind of decals?

Just to add some detail and stuff.

Sirrus, need any help with testing?

I’d maybe add a 3d skybox or at least a wall or something. It looks weird just floating.

Right, of course. That’s typically the last thing I’d add. I need to get a sense of where all the building will end up and how I’m going to put the finishing touches on it.

This map is fantastic.

Nice design.


It is now officially the best map ever made.

Added onto the back of Building 2.

Basically, it’s a performance hall/court/communal space. Some kind of large hall with a stage/elevated area. It also has a floating roof, which I think is pretty cool if I do say so myself.

There is also a foyer of sorts.

I also reworked the interior of Building 2 (I know about the staircase on the middle floor, that’ll be resolved.

Environmental lighting is tentative. I’m still cycling through Ep2 skyboxes and lighting angles.

I don’t like seeing this architecture in the real world even though it looks nice here :slight_smile: Good job on the curvy parts too, they make the buildings more interesting yet still fit the style.

I liked it when you used HDR and that one skybox.

The most recent screen shots still have HDR, it’s just not nearly as strong as in the pictures before it.

This is awesome and I will use this on my server when it releases