I’m going to be working on V3 for the next several weeks. I figured why not toss up a WIP and post a screen shot when I make something that’s going well, or not going so well and see what the community thinks.

Heres the first one, It’s not much to look at but it will be soon.

Updates as they come.

Beta info at the bottom.;12361440;/fileinfo.html

Re-texture to fit the construct theme-
Map size test-
A very rough draft of the map layout-


Just a hint of what I worked on last night.


Because it’s so freaking cool, and I didn’t get anything done today, heres a picture.

** EDIT:**

Mountain #1 mock up.

Boredom turns into pictures for whatever reason.


Heres some pictures.

So far so good. It would be cool to have some displacements for vehicles to go off-roading on.

That looks pretty cool so far. My suggestion would be to try making it as practical as possible for a good vehicle test map. One problem I find with a lot of maps is that the vehicle buildings like garages and tunnels often have a low clearance, making them useless for big vehicle use.

Fear not Death claw, This is a VERY small portion of whats going into the map. It will be close to free space sized, but 100% vehicle oriented. The ss above is only whats been done in the last hour.

So, I’ve had all of two hours to work on the map today. Obviously I haven’t gotten much done.

That looks pretty nice. That large ramp protruding from the side of the parking garage doesn’t seem very pointed, however. Unless you have a special function in mind, why take up space with it?

Well, it’s one way up the garage, and the ramps is the exit. Will make sense once I put some textures on it with arrows and parking spaces. Not going into custom textures till the rest is carved out though.


The contrast in those last two pictures is beautiful!

Good news!
maps looking great.
Bad news…
Life sucks and I have to take a break. I’ll be working on it when I have time, but at the moment I don’t. :confused:

is this going to be a EP1 map or EP2?

Facepunch Studios > Garry’s Mod > Mapping

I think he’s asking what engine it’s being compiled for.

Guess who’s back. I’m probably going to release what I have as a v2.5 because I’m obviously not going to get much further anytime soon. I’ll post screen shots and a link to the latest version once I get to that point sometime in the near future.


So then, heres what I’m going to do. I’ve got the most recent beta (beta 8) here-
Please give it a download, tell me what you think either in this thread or at “deadlyquasar at” please do the same for any bugs you may find.

Not much feedback eh?

I would like to download a beta or a full which ever is handy.

It looks excellent. I had to disable my bloom though, it was a little bright. You should think of adding a few small garages, with car frames like in test track maps. That way, people could build in ratio to something, and not make a nice looking truck with massive wheels that over power it. That and possibly an inclosed race track or something like in previous versions. Keep up the good work.

geeze, I went and abandoned you guys eh?
updated to a working link.

Holy shit, blast from the past. :v:

Now THAT’s something you don’t see every day. Looks :sax:y.