[release][tab]Name:[/tab] gm_VehicleConstruct_v2

[tab]Version:[/tab] 2

[tab]Description:[/tab] A off-road/on-road building and testing map

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod-10/11

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]


    By Trench Coat Warrior one


This maps designed for the testing of on-road and
off-road vehicles in Garry’s Mod. Included in this
map is a 1/3 scale “Top Gear Test Track”


Changes in v2:
-fixed bugs
-Optimized map, 10-20% faster in arias.
-Made the map usable without Hl2:Ep2 content.

I will be releasing an update to this map eventually.
I have a lot to put into it, but not a lot of time.


unzip to your C:\Program Files\Valve
\Steam\SteamApps[username]\ Folder.

Known Bugs:

-No known bugs, but you may need to run build cube maps.

Fixed Bugs:

-Textures for halflife2 ep2 not be displayed for some users. - replaced with impeded textures.
-Small floating piece of map in track. - fixed, removed.
-Hole in washboard section of track. - fixed, filled hole.


This map was made entirely by Trench Coat Warrior one.
You may not copy, edit or redistribute this map anywhere
without my personal permission. Any bugs, suggestions
or comments are welcome.

You may contact me by any of the following means.

La0aL admin E-Mail:
Steam: wowpieisgood

{La0aL} website & forums @

Enjoy the Map,
The {La0aL} Clan

Video of ZeosPantera on Vehicle_Construct.

La0aL post link-

Fps-banana for an alternative download.

I enjoy playing this map. Really nice and simple too.

Me too.

could you upload somewhere else, it won’t download!

Fps-banana for an alternative download.

I’m getting a lot of really good suggestions for a version 3 of the map so I’m going to hop back on the sdk since I have some free time. Anyone that wants to please post suggestions here, they may be in the next version.

I like it :smiley: downloading now

I love building vehicles and I never not find a use for it :v:

Great job!


Good news everyone, I make it BIGGER. (You know, like the Hindenburg)

Awesome 10x and great work !

Please read the post dates.