gm_video problem: Couldn't record video: Couldn't start encoder: Video width or height aren't appropriate

I use gm_video every so often to record little shit I can show to others, because it saves in a small enough filesize to be easily uploaded on my shitternet. However, ever since I got a new graphics card (AMD Radeon R9 280 > Nvidia GTX 970) I haven’t been able to do so. Every time I try to use gm_video, it spits the error in the title: Couldn’t record video: Couldn’t start encoder: Video width or height aren’t appropriate

I haven’t changed anything about the width or height it records as at all, nor the resolution I play at in the first place, and vid_width reports as 640, but there’s no console command for vid_height or anything like that.

How can I fix this?? I really don’t want to use Shadowplay or OBS for little shit I send to friends to show them something when I could just use something built in!

Try setting vid_width to 1280, assuming you are running the game in 1080p 16:9

Honestly at this point though, you are better off using NVidia’s hardware stuff that will allow you to record videos with next to no performance impact.

Shadowplay saves files that are much too large for me to upload in a timely manner just for small shit that only my friends care about. My upload speed is completely abysmal; I’m lucky if I break 200 KB/s upload. I also can’t record just the game window since I do not play in fullscreen, I have to force it to record my entire desktop which I don’t want to do.

I also can’t get the hotkeys to work to manually start and end a recording to my whim.

However the resolution bit did give me some insight, I bothered to check and for some reason after installing my GTX 970, Garry’s Mod decided to lower its own resolution by a couple pixels for some stupid and inexplicable reason from 1776?xsomething to 1768xsomething. So my settings were still relying on the old resolution which are now invalid. So I just took 1768, divided it by two and used that number instead for vid_width and it works now.

Maybe once I can actually invest in a second monitor I can quit playing at this obnoxious resolution.


Download OBS, it uses nvidia’s hardware thing, allows to record a game window and outputs decent size/quality ratio files. Has configurable hotkeys. Allows to upscale/downscale the recording for even more weight shredding.

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The problem you are having with your vid command is probably due to the nonstandard screen resolution you are playing at.