Good day! I’m here to show you my new map for Gmod (Although it can be opened with HL2 and similar games)
So… I bring the new version, I have taken time, Indeed! No custom textures.

-RP city with:
–Multiple houses
–Police offices (With jail)
-Deathmatch zone (PvP and TvT)
-Castle (For RP or CTF)
-Little village
-Easter eggs
-Labyrinth (Keep an eye on the blog, shortly I will publish a track to complete it easily)



Download link:

For more info, go here:

¡Enjoy it!

some part are very artistic, some are just like natural, but very AWESOME!! specially indoors

Wow, that’s actually quite awesome.

could be a bit lest blocky.
Alot less bland than most maps released here though.

I know, but… its my first map, the next will be better…

I see you used a lot of basic things like typical Hammer geometry, but it’s in such a creative way, that the detail doesn’t really make a difference. Not to say some more detail would hurt, but I genuinely like what you’ve done here.

When you learn a bit more about geometry in hammer and optimization you are going to be a great map designer because this is like my first map x 500. I mean, it’s got all the basics that newbie maps have (glass, basic buildings, etc) But the design and layout shows that you have potential.

Wow, thanks a lot… I’m currently busy with the V2

For your first map, it is very good. A lot better then half the crap I’ve seen.

This, is an awesome map.

Have a mapping ki-- wait…

When I saw the first few screenies I thought “Blocky piece of shit” but it is actually quite nice, keep up the work.

Wow it looks epic!