I don’t know what you think this might be.

Well it’s basicly a gigantic box.

With white textures.
With the coolest stone platform ever in the middle.

It was a request from my friend, took about 5 minutes to make really.
Like it or not, I don’t really care.


Looks very abstract if you ask me.


Why did you release this?

Atleast put some effort into it.
Make a white fog or mist.
Not out of cheap old school fog either… but particles.
Some lights may not even hurt if done right.
And add some env maps.

I thought there would be some interest.

But sure, mods can delete this.

Why…its a white box?

My friend really liked it, so why not?

Because it’s a white box. I know it doesn’t look like it, but we do expect something of maps that get released here.


I guess I will make something with quality next time.

Or, I better.

There is a Void map already. It was created using various hacks to allow hammer to compile a map with leaks it in, which would allow you to travel in the Void, i.e. unrendered space outside map.
That was a part of the Void Ship Project, to explore the weirdness outside map boundries, such as map duplicates.

Interesting… Link?

Hammer can compile maps with leaks in it? The lightning will just be bad. and no water.
Sounds really trippy…

I don’t understand what’s so special about it?
It’s black and have nothing to do.
and to get the desired effect you will have to make a map that’s not sealed, thus making it a shit map.

Did you read the thread thoroughly? I find it… enthralling…
The “true” void is not black, it’s a trippy colour explosion. The guys at the WM forum had an idea about building a ship to explore the void with, because there might be something out there. There probably isn’t, but who knows?

Yes I did read it… Well, most if it.
And when I was new to mapping I had a leak and did try to noclip out of the map until I found the copy of the map, but still, what’s so special about it? There’s nothing out there anyway.

How can we know for certain?
Also, what harm is there in trying? Some people (including myself) think this is fun and exciting, so let them do what they want :biggrin:

I present to you my void simulation. Requiring no downloads and little effort you can travel through the void safely to get started follow these simple steps:

  1. turn off your monitor
  2. stare at its blackness
  3. hold w
    4.turn on your monitor occasionally to see the map you are on
  4. turn the monitor off again

It’s very voidy

Personally. I think it’s fantastic. Good for green screening

You my friend, are crazy.