Well this is my 3rd map. My second map was V1 and was a lot smaller while my first just being a test. Here is the link Please give me tips and tell me how to fix the console spam.

Picture -


Ahh sorry! Right i will go get pictures. It will be a minute

Erhmmm… its a block surrended by water.


Whoa, bad spellings! I know its surrounded :frowning:

Well not exactly :stuck_out_tongue: I hollowed out the block, cut out the bottom and then added support blocks so you can swim into it. Note this is my 2nd map, 3rd if you count the test map i made

add details


What? Is that a name suggestion or something?

A block and water. Impressive.

Try adding some buildings, detail, variety etc next time.

Scale up those textures, soldier!

I suggest making the lighting brighter and more interesting. Looks pretty bland to me, looks like flatgrass. I hate flatgrass’s lighting, it’s so dark and boring.


Oh you are right, my bad.

Speaking of bad maps we need a re-release of Gm-Chucknorris

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay… Pretty simple map

Fucking awesome, two textures!!!

Best fucking map I have ever seen


But to be serious, add some unique stuff.

Seriously needs atmosphere… Right now its has as much detail as flatgrass and has been done many times before

gm_chucknorris was 1000 times better than this.