Water Slide

Description: A flatgrass style map with the ability to build a waterslide with spawnable waterslide pieces from the mobile spawner with actual water. There is a small corner of the map with water if you want to end your water slides there.

This is a beta version, so if there are requests for more water slide pieces I will make them. Also, there is a small bug with the mobile spawner. the push brushes angles will not adjust if you rotate the mobile spawner causing the player to be pushed in the wrong direction, so as long as you keep the mobile spawner facing the same way as spawned, you won’t have any problems. You can also spawn multiple spawners so that each player can have their own spawner. The buttons do have a delay so that you cannot spam them.



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Betas don’t belong in the Releases section unless it’s highly asked for. The map itself looks incredibly boring.

You should just make an actual waterslide, people would enjoy that more than using that spawner thing, honestly, they could just use phx props

Or spacebuild props…they would be easier to piece together with that autoweld thing.

A release thread should be telling me why i want to download the map. Either a map looks nice, or it offers something you can’t do on any other map, with any other mod. Check out 223344’s thread on his excess map. The images look nice, he shows different areas, he even has that puzzle thing in the map.

In this case, we have found two ways of building a water slide, and the map itself looks dull. The lighting is grey and boring. The water is a small section on an otherwise flat map. There is nothing here that i can’t get on any other water/grass map.

You could have disabled the HUD and shit for taking the pictures…

I posted a youtube video demonstrating the map with a track i built. And I left the netgraph on because some people complain if they can’t tell if the map is optimized at all.

I really doubt that because building your own waterslide with actual water and riding it is more satisfying than a pre-built waterslide or sliding on bare props.

That’s something you don’t say in the op. You have parented water to the pieces, something which wasn’t made clear. The map itself looks ugly, and of course, because you have parented water to movable objects, you haven’t considered that they will not have cubemaps.

I disagree, i remember there being a fun water-slide map back in like 2008, I pretty much just rode a jeep down it with friends.

I never said a pre-built waterslide wouldn’t be fun. I said building your own and riding it is more enjoyable.

Stop giving the guy a hard time, seems a fairly unique idea to spawn props with attached water.

Although it could be done using the waterizer tool you wouldn’t get the same effect.

Unique =/= Good.

As tcb just said…but i will expand on the point.

When you parent water to a brush you arn’t getting accurate reflections. I suspect thats in part why the map is so grey, in order to try to hide that the reflections are bollocks. It would have worked too if it wasn’t for the purple checkers.

The water also has to be cheap, further making reflections look bollocks. If the map itself looked a bit more interesting, it might make it a bit more worthwhile. Add in some scenery, buildings, bridges, hdr, brightness, cool stuff.

Saw the first photo and though; ‘oh god’. But, then I realised what you had done. I must say, quite a unique idea. Instead of having a pre-made water slide, you build your own. Smart. Maybe try and implement like a auto welding feature though? So the slides are more precise and automatically weld to one and other if touched. Looks nice for a beta though, just, don’t put a WIP / Beta in releases.

You should make some more pieces, work on the lighting, and maybe add some buildings around. Another thing too is, you should add a couple boosters with those push things, forget what they are called.

-Add pieces
-work on lighting

-add buildings - Add buildings you say, but wouldn’t they just get in the way when you are trying to build a massive waterslide? I get that a map is boring if its mostly flat with some water, but I don’t want to limit a person’s creativity by putting buildings in the map. Guess I’ll only put a few.

I might add some prefab slides that you can’t move… or something I dunno.

-Boosters? the long straight piece on the far right of the first screenshot has a func_push brush parented to it. How about I remove the parented func_push brushes and make a single push brush that a player can see and grab(they could no collide the visible parts and make them invisible when they place them) so that the player can control which slide pieces push and which don’t?

Would make it a lot easier if they were to click/snap together, could be done with a info_target and teleport

What a waste. 1 GB down the drain.

If that map was 1GB there must have been porn embedded into the bsp

This is 1GB?