A typical classroom.

I reused the same textures as much as possible for the outside.
All of the hallways and buildings have the interiors mostly finished and detailed.
Each hallway has about 8 rooms and a bathroom.
Most outside props faded out at this distance.

Each classroom is different.

Dance and art club.

Christian club.

Girl’s locker room.

Boy’s locker room.

Racism in the hallways.

Drug bust in the classroom.

Cafeteria door.

Pretty bare cafeteria right now.

Where they cook the food. Headcrabs are fried upstairs.



One way mirror toilets in the back.

Principal always having a rage day at work.

Security agent room for school security. They all use bikes to get around the school quickly.

This was supposed to be the cooking club. I didn’t know how to light it, so I just used this guy.

Girl’s bathroom.

Need to work on the library still.

My favorite classroom.

3 other classes.

The tardy room.

Each hallway has a letter name.

A lot of it is done.
I still have to make the playground, football field, and the massive parking lot though.
Still needs some detail and refinement too.
And some more custom textures.
And a 3d skybox.

It’s 12mB right now.

Maybe it will be done in a **few months I want.

Looks sexy, locker rooms need more lighting, they look like basements right now, OLD basements.

Looks pretty well, I love the variation, way to not be lazy!

I hope those desks are props, and if not, you should propper them!

Yeah, they’re all props.




Looks very blocky/generic. Everything looks too perfect, for example, mostly everything is perfectly aligned. This map has potential, but it’s nothing incredible.

That’s not a good thing.

The classrooms are too neat. Rotate and move around the chairs.

Also, who has baths in their changing room?

I’ve been in the girls changing room at my school (:smug:) and they do not have baths.

:siren:Oh, cool, it’s now official! ~ZOMG is a perv!:siren:

But yeah, I agree with him. Make them showers.

It was official a long time ago according top the police :smug:

It was a lunchtime when there was no one in there and someone “threw my bag inside”.

open toilets? showers above toilets? open baths? madness.

also creepy lights

You’re either a pervert, or get picked on. Your choice.

I laughed so hard at that :v:

It’s not a joke.

Toss a grenade in one of the rooms. BAM, instant mis-alignment. :downs:



I’m not picked on and I wouldn’t consider myself a perv…

I’ll go with both.

I’m totally joking.


This map looks like it has potential, keep it up. And please make some room have prop_physics/prop_dynamic chairs instead of prop_static so that way people can mess them up.

A lot of the chairs are physics but, I had to convert most of them to static.
I would make them all physics but I already have 900 physics objects. Before I had close to 1000 and it would say no free edicts while loading the map.

I chose to make the chairs with smaller desks static.

I still have too many physics objects though because when I break a crate or something, no gibs appear.
I’ll probably have to make a few computers static or something.
I have a lot of monitors, keyboards and mouses.

Dude, if we have a christians club, we need a satanists club in the sewer