School with unique halls and classrooms.
Has cafeteria, auditorium, locker rooms, and other school stuff.

Uses CS:S and Ep 2 models and textures.

More pics

Looks really nice and detail’d. Maybein the classroom, a whiteboard/chalkboard?

Great map. I agree with Banana though. Also, why is there classy furniture in the bathroom of a normal public school? Hah.

Well, it’s not a normal school :v: I just felt like making that bathroom like a lounge.
Most of the bathrooms are normal. And there are whiteboards everywhere.

Nice map

Here’s a question…why is there a toilet in clear view of the couches in the “lounge” bathroom? I mean, making it a lounge is one thing, but still…there should be a stall or something…




Seems excellent for videos, comics and posing.

Someone came all over bathroom floor

Nice map, looks purty.

I like it.

Does this require CS:S? :ohdear:

Ya, it has css models and textures.

I really like this map, good job! I look forward to more releases.

I like it, but I see way too many cs_office textures in maps, perhaps you can try changing them up to add a refreshing theme? Dunno, it’s a thought.


Great map, although there needs to be an interactive SMARTBoard.