Gm_WestBaltimore2042 is a concept map of my vision of the projects of West Baltimore in 2042. I guess in the end it could be used for an Rp map.
Its a gritty and dark look into the future. However its not too different from the present day.
This map has been influenced by films like ‘Brazil’ or ‘Blade runner’ and of course, the streets of Baltimore. Oh and ‘The Wire’, A tv series.

Features i hope to add.

  • Many enterable buildings.
  • Working machines ( tourist information/ Tv’s/ Vending machines/ and Robots maybe)
  • Lots of detail.
  • Transportation
  • Lots of atmosphere
  • Custom textures and sounds

The bill boards are animated textures.

Wow, looks really cool. Keep it up!

looks pretty sweet so far man

Really nice look you got going there, but there are some areas that could do with a little more attention to detail, those steps in the last picture for example…

And some of those pipes could do with a little variation methinks.

Looks amazing, Keep it up!

I like this a lot. Quite an interesting rendition of a dystopian slums-like under-city neighbourhood. You deserves an art.

The sky is too dark. Even at night you’d be able to see some cloud detail (lit by the streetlights) or stars.

I cannot express my pure, unconditional, undying love for underground civilisation maps/stories/games.

This looks great. The steps, leading up to the houses, need retexturing.

Thanks for the comments guys, i’ll work on the steps and sky.

Also, the bill board is stretched. Probably wanna fix that.


The point_spotlights in the third pic look rather wide. Other than that, this is beautiful. The lighting, the texture choice, the prop placement. It all looks clustered but in like a cozy way :smile: Keep it up bro.

Looks very original, continue.

I like it alot.
It looks like it’s been hidden underground.


Very original.

Need to turn down the fire, fix the car and add a little more detail.

Although the houses may look the same, you should make all the staircases different.


I like the dark eerie feeling of this map.

Yeah, i’m planning on doing that. Adding rails and stuff on them.

Looks even more awesome than the first time I saw it, those alleys look pretty cool.

I love how it looks, continue this fine work mate! :smile: